Clan Moragh Vanity armour

Over the past month, since I have returned to the game I have noticed a couple of player characters wearing Clan Moragh vanity armour. However, despite several attempts I have been unable to find out anything about it.

Could someone please tell me where this armour set originated from?

Many thanks.

Clan moragh vanity armor was / is a special vanity cache from one of the item shop boxes. It uses the same model as the BS level 39 - 69 armor though with different colors (I don’t remember the name right now).
Look at the trader at Consumables -> rare and type “Clan” into the search bar, maybe there are still some of them for sale.

Thank you, for both the reply and advice.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

You can put together Clan Moragh set from in-game drops or crafted items. Beastfury helm (crafted, on trader) is same as vanity set one in appearance. Also check Trader for consumables, it may still have Clan Moragh vanity sets put tere for sale by players.