Vanity cheat-sheet

Hey there, am I the only who wishes we can preview the Vanity items added by unconquered b4 one goes to dedicate himself to the gods of AoC…? :joy:


Nope, we are many O.O

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It’s just that I dread leveling new toons so I would like to see if it is worth it :roll_eyes:

Someone shared in chat last night what I think was the lvl 20 outfit and it looked alot like the white outfit you get while questing in the Commons for those 2 rival gangs. White kilt with red stripe, white gloves, somekind of small white top.

sorry its a bit grainy, did from my cell phone: lvl 20 one item but it gives you all that

this seems pretty Soldier-esque…anything for the other archtypes? or is it all Knights :eyes:

Well, the character is a tos…I haven’t seen any diff sets in global

I think since the last saga vanity set they are only allowed to design PEGI 8 outfits so don’t expect any see-through chainmails lol

We have a re-colored old items for ranger and bear classes.

looks like the Knights of Sardoria vanity set.