Finding Vanity Armour Thread 2.0

Welcome to the Finding Vanity Armour Thread 2.0. As the poster of the original Finding Vanity Armour Thread on the old forums, I decided that due to its dead links and images, that a new thread would be more appropriate! I will have the original thread listed as a resource though just in case!

Let’s keep our finding vanity armour thread in one place. If we ever get vanity weapons, then I will change my post to include that,

Please state:

  • Which vanity armour you are looking for
  • If possible , a screenshot of another NPC or player with the said item(s) you are looking for. You can also try to describe what you are looking for that may be possible to find in the game.

Vanity Armour Reference Guides


While technically it’s not vanity, I plan to use it as such.
Brigand’s plate blue wolf set. Many pieces can be bought in WotS faction armor shop, however many pieces are unrecorded. Like the Brigand’s Helm. I would appreciate if someone told be all areas of where the set pieces drop

Well done!

Anyone know of a red cloth/social top other than kel’avashk?
So wish AoC would put in a dressing room feature.

What about the Blacksulphur Robe? It drops in Atzel’s Fort.