Warmaster Heavy Armor Set - Wrists Missing!

I’m trying to complete this set on one of my characters but I’m missing the wrists. Anyone knows where to find them?

Faction wrist and feet are purchased with Marks of Acclaim from faction vendor. 980 moas

Faction? What are you talking about lol? Or do you mean an Aquilonian Faction vendor is that it?

i think there are no crafted wrists for that set.

only from old itemshop and it has no female version

But I’ve seen them on several NPC’s. Why are they not in the game? Makes absolutely no sense to create an armor set, introduce it in its entirety to NPC’s, but then only give a few pieces to players. That’s like literally wanting to troll and annoy the community just for the sake of it.

I made a whole thread about NPC-only vanity items that should be available for players:

Sadly, the only response was “We’ll look into it and see what we can do.” roughly half a year ago.
So yeah, it’s really annoying to only get a set partially and not completely.

Wow, it’s one thing if they don’t notice the thread, it’s another if they DO notice the thread, say they’ll “look into it” but then don’t even bother doing anything about it.

I mean, let’s be honest, it’s not like they have to create something new since the models are all already there. They could add them to the vanity shop in-game, the one that uses tokens of gilding, or they could replace some of the generic looking in-game quest rewards with these models. This is probably the easiest thing in the world, but only thing that seems to lack in the developers is the necessary will to apply it(which isn’t even much).

It’s very sad how the people that developed this game never bothered to really care about both itself, as their own creation, nor the community that invested time and money on it.

Oh I was thinking of LL heavy armor set. Late and drunk post lol

Still waiting for funcom to remove Vanity limitations. It’s something that’s a must in this game!