Video Guide of SWL Nightmare(hidden difficulty) Ankh 6

This is a video guide or misguide or a serious nonsense or what we call 一本正经地胡说八道 in China :stuck_out_tongue: for Ankh 6 nightmare boss in SWL which is a hidden difficulty can only be triggered by some specific pre-requirements that includes: high IP, sustain tank, lots of rabbit hats , a @Shibe and a panda. XD

Difference between nightmare version and elite:
1, The filth on the side will never disappear till Klein’s pet giant is dead.
Thus, tank must have immutable ready to swim through the filth pool to get to Klein upstairs.

2, Klein will keep throwing wave of mutation as long as he is alive after he teleport down.(As it shows in video, Klein used 2 waves of mutation one after another) Effectively turn that parse into a dps check.
DPS should save energy ahead and force Klein retreat quickly when Klein teleport down and before he can throw wave of mutation. (But, as it is like in elite, even when Klein retreat, he may still cast the wave sometimes…okey…most of the time…) Alternatively, DPS will need to take advantage of a hiding spot behind Klein to avoid wave of mutation. However, that spot is hard to reach.
After that, Melothat must be killed fast, or the filth on the side will not disappear.

For low dps group, have everyone load immutable to go through the filth field or survive wave may also work in theory.

Ankh 6 NM

It’s totally a feature of course, only weak people think it’s bugged :stuck_out_tongue:

So…Don’t panic when it happens… Don’t panic… Don’t panic… Dondondondondondondondondondondondondon’t panic…

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It’s well within the groups ability to keep the filth from bugging.

When Melothat falls down (25%, 50%, and 75%), the filth will all disappear simultaneously.

When Melothat stands up (35%, 60% are the HP thresholds. Time threshold can make him stand before that), the filth will begin to appear, from the ramp, at one pool per second. This script does not stop.

If the filth placement script is still running when the filth removal script triggers, the currently placed filth will disappear, but the filth placement script will continue to place down filth circles, leaving them in an odd state.

The solutions are to either not hit the 25%/50% thresholds until enough of the filth is placed to allow the placement script to complete before triggering the removal script.

As far as repeated waves, I’ve yet to figure out a consistent trigger for that. It seems to happen most commonly in a high DPS group, especially when the filth is bugged. It doesn’t consistently work like that though, so it’s not quite right. But still, lots of DPS seems to break Klein the most often.

No. You can do that without Immutable but with only Rock Hard for instance. You can just have Quickness and/or Alacrity, jump above a portion of the filth, and absorb the damage of the remaining portion. There’s even a way to not get any damage at all if you’re already placed (as a tank) near the left side’s filth before the boss goes down.

No. For low DPS groups, the filth problems won’t happen, so the group can just run on the other side of the room no problem.

Only edgelords (or edgeladies?) think it isn’t bugged! :wink:

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In TSW I just used Rocket Jump to get past the filth when it did that so obviously the pro strat here is to flicker it. Unstoppable Force should work as well as immutable since it makes you immune to the hinder status.

The hiding spot’s only worth it if your dps isn’t strong enough to kill him before the first wave casts, then you can pop out and interrupt him. Dunno why they made it “hit to interrupt” on all difficulties instead of making his casts impairable.

I vaguely remember it being possible for a healer to taunt upstairs klein so maybe you’re better off doing that than wade through the filth. Dunno what heal options have the range to do it in SWL though.

It’s not strictly related to this thread but on the topic of “DPS so high it’s problematic” why does DW3 switch aggro so easily? I obviously tank all the dungeons and that’s a standout where my usual 75% AA does not keep it off the dps. Is it just cause they ignore the adds and keep shooting the boss?

That has always been my experience. Happened in TSW a lot too, one reason I made sure to regularly shoot it with Pulling the Strings and Chaotic Pull at the time so I’d still maintain some hate. In SWL, I normally purge with Evulsion so it hasn’t been an issue.

There may be another mechanic involved, but as far as I can tell, it’s ranged running up hate when the tank can’t hit the boss.

No it’s a bug they introduced when they attempted to fix immobile mobs’ aggro, such as HE1.