Dr Klein - attack to both sides - 2nd boss Ankh

sometimes Klein attack from both sides (wave + moths) that wipes everyone except tank.
Is this bug or feature?

From my understandment it’s buggy while not being outright broken. Somewhere in the code there is a timer missing or so.
I made the experience that it’s better to be as fast on klein as possible (dodgerole) or wait it out…since if you go in normal speed you are bound to clash into exactly the moment where the motes and the wave form a wall of death.

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It’s usually (but not always) easier to dodge double attacks when in melee range of Klein. Also worth noting, you can jump over the waves.

As in actually jump over, or as in teleporting through them =x?

On my elemental user i usually make it with flicker… For my healer i recently used the Bridging device to jump back and maybe get some room… Mixed success

In TSW you could impair the mote cast to stop this happening, don’t know if they realized it’d become a problem when they made it unimpairable.

I’ve noticed that it is almost always avoidable with careful movement, so it may be intentional as a soft enrage.

It depends on the exact cast order, I think. If it’s left motes + right wave, then you can go in front of the first mote, behind the first wave, let the second wave go through the motes, then behind the motes. If it’s left motes + left wave, the 2nd wave on the right doesn’t have anywhere safe and you have to pick which one to get attacked by (mote for dps, wave for tank, I think is best)

And wave->mote is not a problem cause it’s not going to spawn a mote until the last wave’s gone.