Video Killed the MMO Bee


Mobs are impolite and impatient, and will kill an unsuspecting bee while they are trying to enjoy a relaxing cutscene if they get the chance. This is particularly annoying for story cutscenes, as they trigger automaticly and are often non-repeatable. Barring some sort of blanket cinematic stasis effect, where the mobs patiently wait for a more polite time to kill you, here’s a list of some of the places I’ve found such pesky mobs:

  • Blue Mountain: Orochi Computer - If you agro a zombie while jumping the fence, it will walk through the closed gate and then stand just outside the quest van while throwing exclamation marks at you. (Slightly related: While workplace safety is important, even (especially?) for Orochi. It would be nice if nearby gas leaks did not overpower the audio and totally stomp the subtitles, for those mission intros.)

  • City of the Sun God: Moutnefert - The nearby cultists are more than happy to chase bees all the way into her base.

  • City of the Sun God: Hemitneter (Story) - (Occured in TSW, I was more careful this time around, not sure if fixed) If approaching from the downed airplane, it’s possible to have several ghouls in tow when this cutscene triggers.

  • Kaidan: The Signal (Story) - (Another TSW alumnus, may have been fixed) Most of the places this cutscene would trigger are potentially dangerous, particularly as jumping through the wall is otherwise a convenient method of dropping meaningless agro.

  • al-Meraya: Berihun (Story) - (Had it happen once in TSW, not sure if fixed) While the hostile mobs are usually well out of the way, I once had someone drag a hostile mob past me. Being put into combat by proximity interrupted the cutscene with Berihun threatening Saiid (which I was trying to record). I was…less than pleased.


This is indeed something they should look into, just add something that de-aggros the mobs when in cutscenes.


Kaidan, if an evolved filth mob chases you to the door of the Dream Palace and you stand inside the lobby the mob might decide to throw some AoE to where you’re standing. This can happen as long as the mob doesn’t set foot inside. If they do step into the building, they will reset, but if they are outside and in line of sight to you, they can choose to cast at you.