Virus (LOS ROJOSE) caught undemeshed

We HAVE LOS ROJOSE on our server. This clan brings 30 to 40 Spanish and they exploit and cheat.

We found their under mesh at the red wall. The antimesh almost works but we had a good clean server so this is a brand new mesh that they are currently using.

The antimesh makes it very difficult to document because people die when entering the mesh which is good if there were no mesh spots left.

The lay down effects were taken away so people have to punch or find a way in to report.

They have been reported and we have confidence that funcom will deal with them swiftly and teach them not to mock their efforts.

Did you report this via Zendesk? Reports of cheating and such usually get shut down on the forums so that would be your best solution.

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We did report it just wanted to let community know the cheats are still finding ways in and every one is rooting for funcom to catch them swiftly

We have about 15 players very upset with LOS ROJOSE finding ways around the antimesh and all 15 want to submit a complaint but we are holding off and the video is getting some traction on YouTube. So we hope this helps funcom and send a message to people who exploit their way around the servers.

The update just released on testlive addresses some more of these underneath spots so keep your fingers crossed this is one of them.

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Hi @Kitt

Please make sure you report this over on Zendesk so that the team can investigate further.
You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures