Voice chat xbox

Newbie question here but how do you voice chat in game does it just work auto or is push to talk. Is all I have to do is plug in mic and talk?

I think they just have to be nearby.

On PC, the default voice chat button is T

Voice chat on the Xbox is proximity based. You have to be fairly close to the other people. Although I have seen it bug out and be able to talk to people no where near me from time to time.

ok so on xbox it is just always on and have to be nearby?

I have been on an xbox server and could hear everyone in the world.

Then i have been on some where I dont hear anyone.

most of hte time when i can hear them it is so broken up that I wish i didnt hear them.

I think there is a setting on the private servers where you can have global voice chat on or off.

For the Xbox version its server wide…

I live in the jungle biome, and was talking to someone who lived near the volcano.

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