Voice lines triggering incorrectly

Apparently patch 1.02 fixed the aforementioned issue but for me it started just now. Now the voice lines trigger too soon, one gets interrupted and another starts. This didn’t happen on my first playthrough (save for rare occurrences there I triggered one after the other in short interval). Now many of them start like that.

It could be ‘minor fixes’ refers to the main issue not being fixed yet. It is also possible it introduced a new bug.

Could you name the device you play on?

It’s this laptop.

I think that could be how the game handles when one voiceline trigger gets reached before the last voiceline is done. I also had an issue of bugging out a voiceline once when entering a port point in a wrong way.

That’s part of the explanation. As I mentioned, I got issues like this when I triggered two or more voicelines in short time. Especially during the Argus part, respawning near the Chandra’s terminal after having died countless times due to the androids. This time it’s different, it’s 1-2 seconds of voiceline, then 1-2 seconds of the next one, then next.

Hello @hylonomus, thank you for reporting this issue!

Have you tried to revalidate your game files post-update?

Are your audio drivers up-to-date?

We’ll be sure to register it for the developers to look into in any case.

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Hello @Hugo, thanks for the reply. I’ve checked my audio drivers and they seem to be up-to-date. Revalidating game files showed no errors.

Just to confirm, are you using the latest version from the official audio driver website ( 2.5.35 ) or the recommended one from the laptop website ( 2.3.20 )?

In either case, please try to use the version other than the one installed by following these guidelines and let us know if it helps with this situation, as it’s likely that the issue is driver/hardware specific.

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