Voidforge Bow with game-breaking ability. Siptah

if you use the word nerf, I will just put you my ignored list. So my final reply is, it is not.a nerf if it balances an easily exploitable way to cheapin gameplay.

you dont know properties of all others weapons and armors on siptah ??? you think it will be balanced when it will comes to conan ?

The fck?

If you know how to build good bases you can defend them with one - two people if you have resources. Obviously you have no chance to win a fight 1v10 but to defend an apex with bubble which is properly built, of course you can do it, with one or two people… if you can’t then you’re unskilled. And I’m saying this from experience, and no, these clans didn’t give up after 2-3 days, some were trying for a week, day after day. So you will not buy me.

I already know good spot for armorer T4, and for blacksmith, it’s a day or two of grinding these spots, and you’re done. Same with pierst for god bubble. And only because you haven’t found recipe for grandmaster armor doesn’t mean it’s the rarest, you just didn’t have luck with it, like I didn’t have luck with midnight alchemist so far. But some people get it on the first couple days lol.

And so what, couple days and you can craft good bow, repair kits, and explosive arrows and game is done, and if a full clan is attacking you consistently with unlimited arrows with no need to farm dragon powder and no risk of loosing anything important then you’re fcked. You are the one who need to go and farm for resources to rebuild a base, they don’t. Not even dragon powder. They are not scared of dying and loosing stuff, because they dont need to have much yet they can gain loads this way, such easy way. I mean we can do the same, just join a server for a week, destroy bases with unlimited arrows and go to another. Yolo. And pvp is killed.

I don’t want it this way. And transfer will make it even easier for these people. I am not against this transfer, but this bow is imho still game f-breaking.

And don’t argue with it, arrows often are being a quicker way to get into enemy base than bombs, obviously depends of the base, but they are quick, and now (thanks to Funcom’s unbalanced technic) unlimited. And to go raid this way you loose practicly nothing if you die, you risk nothing, and you can gain everything if you succeed. No matter what gauntlets you have, can be a coarse handwraps, igaf coz all of them work the same way. You get it now?

It’s not a fair trade off if one clan can do sh*t nothing but just craft gauntlets, bow and arrows and the other must farm for hours to have resources to repair, rebuild and defend the base. How is it fair for you guys?

Normally clan had to have a full gear, be prepared to defend themselves, watch out for the clan member who is carrying dragon powder, carry a lot of valuable stuff, and had to be careful not to loose it. Now they have nothing to loose. They don’t even need a full armor anymore xd and loosing one or few explosive arrows? :joy: it’s nothing. It’s dead pvp.

I cannot believe that there are people who are okay with that bow, and I have to explain it to them that it is such a broken mechanic.

I can also raid bases this way, of course, but it’s an easy game. And I will be done in a moment with a server… and now with this transfer I can just move to another server easily, all loot and everything done and waiting for us. The same day we join a server, couple arrows and can go raid :joy:

Well when i saw your message i simply tested for real, for pve & raid, and i make my advice on what i saw, for grandsmith armor in more than one year since the early release of siptah i simply met one person who unlocked it (through 2 diifrents very populated pvp server)

i personnaly experienced a large clan that used trebuchet with demonfire for 5 hours on one apex, when it will happens to you you will understand what i was saying :wink: anyways they will probably remove or modify feature of the bow, but i simply gave my adivce after testing it, and i m still thinking the same, and still see the problem more linked to transfer siptah/coan.

Seems the main, if not only, problem with this bow is the unlimited ammo. That’s easy to solve by having it consume 1 ammo of the kind currently fired by the bow every X number of shot, and each time you change ammo one is consumed before any shot. For example you’re shooting explosive arrows after 10 being shot one arrow in your invetory is consumed. With this ratio with a stack of 100 you got 1000 shot, not unlimited but close. If you change to poison arrow, one poison arrow is removed to the stack before any is shot. And another one, each time an arrow is consumed the bow is out of ammo meaning you must reload it.

I haven’t tested the bow and I’m wondering if you use it without any armour, just your bare hands, do you take damages from the bow ?

If you have no glove, you get no lov-
Er… Wait… Wrong saying.

If you don’t have gloves for the bow to eat, you must have arrows.

Honestly, rather than more of whatever arrow one used, of the bow generated arrows had stats on par with say Razor or Steel, or at least not special ammo like exploding, acid, ect… It wouldn’t be the doom of the planet it has become.

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If you don’t wear yer gloves, you can’t shoot any arrows! How can you shoot any arrows if you don’t wear yer gloves? :wink:

On a more serious note, perhaps they could make it so that different ammo selection deals different damage to the gloves? So instead of taking 50 durability point regardless of the ammo you use, perhaps take 50 for flint arrows, but 500 for explosive arrows. (These numbers are just to illustrate the idea.)


I guess it would be just easier to think about completely new attribute on this bow rather than coming out with new weird ideas about this one which is already implemented.

And I really didn’t want to start a debate what would be better to do so. Also I’ve been just informed that there is a glitch to shoot unlimited arrows even if your gauntlets break. I don’t have details yet, I will try to test some stuff on solo until I’ll get some more info about it.

What I’m saying is that players will always find a way to abuse this mechanic. It would be just better to completely remove it, or change it.

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I might be somewhat bitter and jaded, but what I’ve seen over the years lead me to believe that the ideas we write here don’t matter all that much. Most likely, Funcom will just remove the special property and perhaps buff the bow’s stats a bit if they feel like it. It’s much less likely, but still possible, that they might modify the existing mechanic in some way. It’s vanishingly unlikely that they’ll take one of the ideas for a new mechanic from one of these threads and implement something similar.

But hey, it’s your thread, so I’ll do as you say and refrain from posting any further ideas :slight_smile:


Maybe I am an eternal cynic, but that is the way I feel too. I saw a thread today on the new dual axes where the lead dev interacted with feedback. They even went as far as to explain the reasoning behind their design choice (in this case time crunch) as well as expressing a desire to further develop the system and thanked the OP for their feedback. It was nice and gave me a little hope that our ideas here can make a difference.

As to the topic at hand. Ill always champion system changes over straight nerfs. This tactic is pretty OP, but in the grand scheme of PVP idk if its so urgent as to accept any change over good change.


Have the bow not really used it. It did however kill gauntlets on thrall as well.

Few things that could be done is not allow arrow swapping. First arrow used and its bound for them type of arrows.

Increase durability per shot so that eventually it will be a one or 2 shot bow before it requires repair.

Add a debuff that while holding bow repairing takes longer. Or while holding bow you cannot repair.

Not played pvp but one player, one thrall and a bow can do that much dmg before being killed by a defending base ? Compared to a large group of raiders where it seems the bow wouldn’t really be an issue ? If im honest they probably view raiders as a group of players attacking another group of players. Not solo or 2… and both sides have possible to both use bow.

The problem with these type of games is really it requires two versions of equipment. One for pvp and one for pve this way they dont not effect each other.
More times in my gaming pvp is normally the thing that breaks or hinders pve.

Dude, read the forum rules and then stop posting exploits.

nowhere in the rules of conduct does it say i cannot post a bug. False flagging posts so you can i assume continue to exploit the game as you do not want it noticed or removed seems suspect. Everyone is maliciously using this bug and full clans are invading servers and full raiding any base within hours of joining. You pretending it doesnt exist is harming the entire pvp community. Either you do not pvp or you are using this exploit.

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I’m not talking about official server rules of conduct, I’m talking about forum rules. Since you’re new to the forums, you probably don’t know them, but the post about forums is pinned, so it’s not hard to access.

And if you don’t believe me, here’s just one example where a community manager explained that a post was removed because it was describing how to use an exploit:

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Do you play this game bro? I just lost 3 pillar bases on top of 25 layers of anticlimb at no cost to the raiders as soon as i logged off to eat dinner. I have been part of multiple raids involving this glitch. Everyone on siptah knows it. I am new to the forums out of desperation because i cannot find any avenue to have this exploit addressed. This thread is about a voidforge bow bug and people are talking about something that is simple math and not a bug. I am describing a bug that is single handedly causing tons of players to quit. I could care less about you lurking on forums of games you obviously don’t play anymore. I will continue posting about this bug until its gone as i am working out of 30 underwater vaults and its not very fun.

I think there is some confusion here. The problem isn’t talking about the exploit, it’s specifically telling people how to use it.

I understand that you’re frustrated and I know you were not posting it to try to teach people how use it. But it’s simply against the forum rules to explain how to exploit, because other people will see it and emulate it, thereby making it even more ubiquitous.

CodeMage isn’t picking on you, he was actually trying to help you.


So i cant say broken gloves? Where or who do i talk to about this then? This exploit has been in the game since the voidforged bow was created. You want to help me then get off your pedestal and actually tell me where i should be posting this information if not here. This exploit is not on any forum posts since you guys take them down. Everyone who wants to abuse this is currently abusing this and this exploit does more damage faster than even the duping glitches as when you are full raiding a huge base on day 1 the only risk is 1 explo arrow, 1 gas arrow and 2 voidforged bows. That is the cost of foundation wiping ANY base right now.

You described step by step how to reproduce the exploit, both in this thread and in a separate post. That info gets flagged, then hidden, then removed, which then leads to more frustration.

Submit it to Exploit Hunters:


Greetings Everyone,

If you are seeing any exploit usage in game or if you are aware of how to preproduce a specific exploit/glitch, please make sure you send a report over on Zendesk so that the team can look into this further.

Here you can find more on how to submit a report: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures