This one bow, which drives me crazy

Game mode: [ Select one: Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Bug ]
Server type: [ Select one: PvP ]
Region: [ Europe - Germany ]
Hardware: [ ps4 and ps4 pro]

Bug Description:

Hi exiles,

Leerengeschmiedeter Bogen - empty forged bow

We fought against many 10people clan on Our Server. Against russians, spanish and france.

They all left, but this one guy from the france clan comes every day online and checking if we are online. Yesterday we caught him raiding our base alone with only one explosive arrow and one poison arrow. We wondered how he can Do this damage only with one arrow. So i put his bow in my Hands and… oh wow, i can shot 30times with one arrow. Only the durability from my gloves are going down.

Is that a bug?

That means, one guy can RAID a base without farming stuff, he only needs this empty forged bow, one explosive and poison arrow and can spam until he enters the base.

Thats Not fair!!

Expected Behavior:

  • remove the empty forged bow.*

Steps to Reproduce:

  • build a empty forged bow, put one arrow and you can shot as long as your durability is on your gloves*
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It seems this bow capacity “isn’t a bug but a features™”. In English it’s VoidForged not empty forged. But I understand I’ve the game in French and often I wonder for an item what its name is in English. Most translation are straightforward, but some are very tricky.

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Read about this a couple weeks ago you have it right. I had one couldn’t understand why my gauntlets kept loosing durability at the time or about arrows reproducing.

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