Volcano - Thralls are not allowed here

After the Sorcery update we can no longer place, or move thralls anywhere in the volcano (Including Dragon Mouth) without a warning saying Thralls are not allowed here.

The other issue with “Thralls must be placed on a walk able floor” is more common now, and can not be easily fixed like before by placing a foundation block first.

Is this a common base game issue for everyone, or is it possibly a mod related issue?
(Online PvP, private server)

I was able to place thralls in the Volcano just fine. So I think you may have a mod issue.

It’s a fairly common base game issue as they tightened down on “placing security”, however if you’re using mods then Multigun’s LBPR can disable most of these new checks and allow you to place them pretty much anywhere

To do so, install LBPR (less building placement restrictions), install Mod Control Panel, then log into your game with admin and hit shift+End to bring up modcontrolpanel then scroll down to the follower options

(As a side-note, enabling the very first checkbox to allow everyone to build everywhere will also allow you to place thralls in dungeons or forbidden areas like UC)

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Thank you for that info!

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