VP Elbridge Gerry

I’ve often wondered if our Kirsten is a decedent. He was implicated in several conspiracies over the years (the XYZ Affair, the Conway Cabal, etc.) and, beneath his outwardly libertarian facade, had some rather interesting beliefs. Specifically that there existed natural “Elites” who should rule humanity, and in the concept of indirect elections, rather than popular ones (as in, only the top-most citizens of smaller groups should have the rite to vote for the next higher office, i.e., only State Governors should have the right to vote for a President, Mayors can vote for Governors, etc.). I could see him and his descendants going Lumi over time.
Hell, the practice of Gerrymandering is named after the man.

Gerry (pronounced Jerry) vs Geary (pronounced… Geary)? Interesting thought though.

I live here in Mass., Gerry’s home state. I’ve always heard locals (myself included) pronounce it as Geery (Eld-a-Bridge Geery or Elder-Bridge Geery would be how the pronunciations I’ve most often heard would be spelled out), with the long ‘E’ sound, like someone in the Midwest would pronounce ‘Gary’. It might just be the South Coast accent, though (that’s the southern coast of Massachusetts, around Buzzards Bay, not the southern coast of the U.S. :grin: ). I’ll have to ask some of my relatives north of Boston how they say it.
Come to think of it, it might be a Crappy Public School thing, not a South Coast Thing…

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