Banned for 2 months and counting

After years of playing and having my main server closed I found a new home on 1732. I thought all was going well with the community there, played for months with no problems then BAN HAMMER. Couldn’t join up just after age of microtransactions, err, sorcery came out. Figure it must have drawn back a user that planned to play for a couple weeks then bail on the game again, a user that loves to find ways to be offended by anything in game, a user that doesn’t bother to engage in conversation before reporting a clan name that’s been around for months. And what was the super offensive name that somehow broke the ToS? Freedom Convoy. That’s right, I said it here on the forums, FREEDOM CONVOY. Hope that wasn’t too much for some easily offended b*tch, might get a forum ban too! Not even sure what rule it broke but guess it was a bad one.


Another example of people abusing the reporting system. Sorry to hear.

Honk Honk!!


I dont get it, why this name is offensive?

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Maybe the player thought it was politically offensive. Shrug

Why? And the problem isn’t that a player thought it to be offensive (he/she should see a doctor, IMO). It’s that an administrator actually agreed.
What’s offensive about the name “freedom convoy”??? And how do politics have any relation with it? Are people going insane?


Off the top of my head? Trump. There was a ‘Freedom Convoy’ in support of him a while ago. Maybe they thought it was that. Personally, I find nothing offensive with the name, but there are people that take offense at ridiculous things

I didn’t know. But still, how the hell is that offensive? Afaik a lot if people around the world like Trump. Half of the US voted for the guy. Is this a reason for someone being banned? So, if it was a name used by people suporting Biden, would that be OK? And will words and expressions be banned just because they were used by some group in the US?
That administrator should be fired. His job is not being a political activist, impinging his beliefs on others. There’s nothing offensive about the name freedom convoy.

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I’d lodge a polite, detailed request with Zendesk or a moderator in private asking them to take a closer look and see if it can be reversed. Give them plenty of time, don’t spam the bejeebus out of them either.


Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here:

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