Waiting on a Petiton and Ticket

I have had a ticket in since March 17th (Ticket #1188308). From other posters on this forum, I have heard that this is somewhat normal as tickets aren’t answered in anything resembling promptness. That being said, it seemed that Petitions in-game for subscribers (which I am one) were supposed to be answered a bit faster.

It has been in for a week and a bit at this point, and I have received no response to my Petition. Is there something I can do to actually get in touch with Funcom to get my issues resolved.

EDIT: The Petition and ticket are for two separate issues.

Current turnaround is 2-3 weeks. Please be patient!

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I remember when it was around 5 hours:/ But it seems Funcom doesn’t care anymore.

Try 15 minutes, on a Saturday morning before 8am.
And the reason was only a handful of Hecklers which had fallen off the Brink and became unreachable.
Sure, that was 2004, but that looked a lot like caring :yum: