Walls breaking on startup

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [PAL]

Since starting a new SP save, I had build a decent amount of my base, over water with a small connection to land on the island at J5, but every time I load up my save, a portion of the wall breaks, the same portion, every time.

It is not a stability issue, as the stability of all pieces above, under and around the breaking walls is either 80 or 100. It also seems fine while I play if I replace them, but then as soon as I re-load, they break again.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m wasting so many materials constantly replacing those walls that I’m just thinking of starting over and using the admin panel to basically rebuild in a different location

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build large base
  2. Quit game to take short break
  3. Load save up again, see walls break as soon as you load in
  4. Check stability of pieces of nearby pieces and be confused when you see nothing lower than 80
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until thoroughly frustrated.

Hey @CrystalGoddess

Apologies for the frustration.
Could you share a screenshot or video of the area being affected with those random destructions?
This way we can get a better look at it and see if we can spot the culprit.
Thanks in advance.

I can do that, still need to apply the recent patch though :sweat_smile:

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Strangely, since the recent update, the wall won’t break, but I remember seeing similar reports to mine on the Steam forums with similar construction methods to what I use (ceilings, walls and pillars as the base as opposed to foundations to create the look of a building supported by pillars), it always occurred around pillars, so maybe this recent patch fixed that?

I still suffer from roofs crumbling by themselves, I’ve built a base at the dam, maybe too big (basically I cover all the dam’s base) and some portions of the upper floor crumbles down on reload.
(Offline-single player, PS4 normal)… but I do not get mad at this, I always play with the admin panel by hand, sorry to say this but… game obliges me to do that: purge summons automatic in my base (even if they have a way opened to come) and destroy things? Admin panel.
Die for an invisible enemy and/or being blocked “inside” an enemy( Rhinos or mammoots as to speak), Admin panel and teleport to my dead spot…
I know it’s not “fair” and not very satisfying playing this way, but I have no other way to keep bugs and “unfair” losses under control.

Still, sliders to adjust purge, aim sensibility etc etc still not working properly (again).
I love this game, a lil’ less every day.

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