Want to gather the data from community on g-portal server settings descriptions

SO, i am going to throw this chart out there. I will fill in over time as i learn what they all do. Maybe we can get this on wiki for some kind of guide. I know there is already one, but it is missing quite a few of these. I feel if we as a community of private owners knows what they do, sharing will help those that don’t.

Description [ServerSettings] value
Used to control who can log into server ServerPasswrod (blank)
Used to allow for :cheat" codes as well as spawn in items, thralls, pets AdminPassword (blank)
True = Players can damage other players, False=no player damage against each other. PVPEnabled TRUE
PVPBlitzServer FALSE
Numeridal…1 means partial nudity allowed on server MaxNudity 1
ServerCommunity 0
ServerRegion 1
Message that players will see on log in ServerMessageOfTheDay na
MaxAllowedPing 0
EnableWhitelist FALSE
EveryoneCanCheat FALSE
If False, then players will disapear in game as soon as they log off, Tru= Body stays in for set amount of time based on another setting LogoutCharactersRemainInTheWorld FALSE
PlayerStaminaMultiplier 1
StaminaCostMultiplier 1
PlayerStaminaCostSprintMultiplier 1
PlayerStaminaCostMultiplier 1
StaminaRegenerationTime 1
StaminaExhaustionTime 1
StaminaStaticRegenRateMultiplier 1
StaminaMovingRegenRateMultiplier 1
PlayerStaminaRegenSpeedScale 1
StaminaOnConsumeRegenPause 1
StaminaOnExhaustionRegenPause 1
If you lower the setting, the durability of weapons, armor will be lowered,raise and it raise the durability DurabilityMultiplier 1
PlayerFoodMultiplier 1
PlayerWaterMultiplier 1
PlayerIdleThirstMultiplier 1
PlayerActiveThirstMultiplier 1
PlayerOfflineThirstMultiplier 1
PlayerIdleHungerMultiplier 1
PlayerActiveHungerMultiplier 1
PlayerOfflineHungerMultiplier 1
ShieldDurabilityMultiplier 0.5
BuildingRadialDestructionForceMultiplier 500
DayCycleSpeedScale 1
DayTimeSpeedScale 1
NightTimeSpeedScale 0.66
DawnDuskSpeedScale 1.17
PlayerHealthMultiplier 1
HarvestAmountMultiplier 5
ItemSpoilRateScale 1
ResourceRespawnSpeedMultiplier 1
This turns on claim. True = all players, regardless of clan, can access each others doors, containers and share building and destruction of everything. False = claim is set to clan only and doors cannot be opened, cannot acess locked containers and players cannot build together (distance for cliam area set on another setting) NoOwnership FALSE
CanDamagePlayerOwnedStructures TRUE
True= players don’t keep inventory when they die on respawn, and must retrieve it from the death maker. false = keep inventory with you when you die and respawn. DropEquipmentOnDeath TRUE
Not Active as of 07-31-2020 DropShortcutbarOnDeath TRUE
No Active as of 07-31-2020 DropBackpackOnDeath TRUE
True =if you die and you have inventory on you (see drop on death setting) or you log off and body stay in game, then other players can loot your body. False means no OTHER PLAYER can loot your body EverybodyCanLootCorpse TRUE
Sets the decay time for buildijngs in seconds (3600 = 1 hour, 86400 = 1 day) MaxBuildingDecayTime 1209600
MaxDecayTimeToAutoDemolish 604800
NPCMindReadingMode None
ChatMaxMessageLength 512
ChatFloodControlAheadCounter 10
EnableSandStorm TRUE
UseClientCatchUpTime TRUE
ClientCatchUpTime 10
NPCKnockbackMultiplier 1
PlayerKnockbackMultiplier 1
StructureDamageMultiplier 1
StructureDamageTakenMultiplier 1
StructureHealthMultiplier 1
NPCRespawnMultiplier 1
NPCHealthMultiplier 1
CraftingCostMultiplier 2
Controls how much damage a player does per hit, higher equals more per hit. PlayerDamageMultiplier 1.5
Not Active as of 07-31-2020 MinionDamageMultiplier 1
Not Actie as of 07-31-2020 MinionDamageTakenMultiplier 1
Controls how much Damage NPC’s and follweres do, higher is more damage done per hit NPCDamageMultiplier 1
Controls how much Damage NPC’s and follweres take, higher = more damage taken per hit NPCDamageTakenMultiplier 1
controls How much Damage Players take, higher = more damage taken per hit. PlayerDamageTakenMultiplier 0.7
PlayerEncumbranceMultiplier 1
PlayerEncumbrancePenaltyMultiplier 1
PlayerMovementSpeedScale 1
PlayerSprintSpeedScale 1
PlayerHealthRegenSpeedScale 1
PlayerXPRateMultiplier 5
PlayerXPKillMultiplier 5
PlayerXPHarvestMultiplier 0.2
PlayerXPCraftMultiplier 0.2
PlayerXPTimeMultiplier 2
DogsOfTheDesertSpawnWithDogs TRUE
CrossDesertOnce TRUE
WeaponEffectBoundsShorteningFraction 0.8
EnforceRotationRateWhenRoaming_2 TRUE
EnforceRotationRateInCombat_2 TRUE
ClipVelocityOnNavmeshBoundary TRUE
UnarmedNPCStepBackDistance 400
AvatarsDisabled TRUE
AvatarLifetime 60
AvatarSummonTime 20
bCanBeDamaged TRUE
ChatLocalRadius 2000
ChatHasGlobal TRUE
PathFollowingAvoidanceMode 257
RotateToTargetSendsAngularVelocity TRUE
TargetPredictionMaxSeconds 1
TargetPredictionAllowSecondsForAttack 0.4
MaxAggroRange 9000
LandClaimRadiusMultiplier 0.5
ItemConvertionMultiplier 0.5
PathFollowingSendsAngularVelocity FALSE
UnconsciousTimeSeconds 900
ConciousnessDamageMultiplier 1
ValidatePhysNavWalkWithRaycast TRUE
LocalNavMeshVisualizationFrequency -1
UseLocalQuadraticAngularVelocityPrediction FALSE
clanMaxSize 4
RegionAllowAfrica TRUE
RegionAllowAsia TRUE
RegionAllowCentralEurope TRUE
RegionAllowEasternEurope TRUE
RegionAllowWesternEurope TRUE
RegionAllowNorthAmerica TRUE
RegionAllowOceania TRUE
RegionAllowSouthAmerica TRUE
False means buildings will decay based on another setting, True = Buldings will not decay DisableBuildingAbandonment TRUE
ThrallCraftingTimeMultiplier 0.5
False = Containers can only be accessed by clan members (this includes crafting stations, thrall well, pet pens) all the time. True = If Containers are not locked, other players can access them, as well as all crafting stations, pet pens, thrall wheels are open all the time. ContainersIgnoreOwnership FALSE
FuelBurnTimeMultiplier 0.5
Clansize 4
CombatModeModifier 0
ServerVoiceChat 0
ThrallCorruptionRemovalMultiplier 0.5
PlayerCorruptionGainMultiplier 1.5
FriendlyFireDamageMultiplier 0.25
EnableAutoFacingOnAttack TRUE
EnableTargetLock TRUE
ThrallConversionMultiplier 0.3
BuildingDecayTimeMultiplier 1
CoopTetheringLimit 52000
KickAFKPercentage 80
KickAFKTime 2700
VocalVisibilityDurationMinutes 10
ToggleHungerSystemThralls FALSE
ToggleHungerSystemPets FALSE
FoodNutritionValue 1
StarvationTimeInMinutes 10080
StarvationDamagePenaltyCap 0
AnimalPenCraftingTimeMultiplier 0.5
FeedBoxRangeMultiplier 1
ExclusiveDiet FALSE
RestrictPVPTime TRUE
PVPTimeWeekendStart 0
PVPTimeWeekendEnd 2359
PVPTimeWeekdayStart 0
PVPTimeWeekdayEnd 2359
OverrideDecayMaxBuildingPieces 6
OverrideDecayTime 806400
ThrallDecayTime 259200
UseMinionPopulationLimit TRUE
MinionPopulationBaseValue 40
MinionPopulationPerPlayer 15
MinionOverpopulationCleanup 105
DisableThrallDecay FALSE
EventLogCauserPrivacy 0
EnableFollowerRescueOnLandClaimOnly TRUE
EnableFollowerRescueInBuildExclusionZone TRUE
FollowerRescueCooldown 1800
DamageCooldownBeforeRescue 900
AllowedTimeUndermesh 300
AllowedDistanceUndermeshSquared 90000
VocalVisibilityDurationInMinutes 3
RestrictPVPBuildingDamageTime TRUE
PVPBuildingDamageTimeWeekdayStart 500
PVPBuildingDamageTimeWeekdayEnd 501
PVPBuildingDamageTimeWeekendStart 800
PVPBuildingDamageTimeWeekendEnd 2359
RestrictAvatarSummoningTime TRUE
AvatarSummoningTimeWeekdayStart 500
AvatarSummoningTimeWeekdayEnd 501
AvatarSummoningTimeWeekendStart 500
AvatarSummoningTimeWeekendEnd 501
EnablePurge TRUE
AllowBuilding FALSE
PurgeLevel 8
PurgePreparationTime 15
PurgeDelay 2
PurgeDuration 45
MinPurgeOnlinePlayers 4
ClanScoreUpdateFrequency 10
ClanPurgeTrigger 2800000
PurgeRestrictionWeekdayEnd 2200
PurgeRestrictionWeekdayStart 1400
PurgeRestrictionWeekendEnd 1800
PurgeRestrictionWeekendStart 1400
RestrictPurgeTime TRUE
PurgeTimeWeekdayEnd 2200
PurgeTimeWeekdayStart 1400
PurgeTimeWeekendEnd 1800
PurgeTimeWeekendStart 1400
KickAFKPercentage 80

Are you looking for us to add descriptions here for each setting or will you just update this as you learn the settings? Or do you want us to go edit the Wiki?

I’m sure we can all contribute; I know I sure have a lot to add being a server owner for 2 years.

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Hey there,

Please note, G-portal settings and descriptions may differ from their in-game counterparts. They were made by G-portal, not Funcom.

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Both i think. AS i can figure them out, i will fill. The goal is to get something that is easy to understand for anyone wanting to rent a server from g-portal on consoles.

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Well then, maybe Funcom needs to update what they reall are, since privates are cinking money into it?

also, that is why the community needs to put in waht we know from tinkering with them.

There are many settings where less is more, then sometimes more is more, and others they don’t do anything as they are non-coded sliders/settings (looking at you minion damage and drop hot bar/backpack).

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This here, want to know myself. I spent more time looking at server settings than playing the actuall game back when i dabbeld with a private server. In the end i failed, got mad and dashed back to official servers.


Get testing and have fun! :slight_smile:

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the wiki. You can find it here:

If you need any help, you can join us in the wiki channel on the fan-made Conan Exiles Discord.

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There’s a setting that’s not in the ini file by default but still exists.


When not present, this value defaults to False, but it can be enabled by adding/editing it to

I turned it on when I was doing some of my purge testing for testlive. Build Score is then displayed on the repair hammer/TAB popup.

I can appreciate that. Been running my own server for nearly 2 years and won’t look back. Official servers have become so boring without mods (my opinion, of course).

This is for Consoles only, which means we do not have access to .ini files (security protocol on Sony/Microsoft end) and we only have these settings available from G-portal (our only server provider choice)

Ah, sorry that wasn’t clear to me. May I recommend adding the console tags in to the OP.

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