Wanted: option to shove my thrall

It’s pretty often that my thrall (or pet animal, but I’ll just use “thrall” for both) gets in your way. If the thrall stops in a doorway while you are in a 2x2 room that you don’t own, you are simply too stuck to continue playing. You can’t move them. I want an option to shove my own thrall. An order to get the thrall to move about 2-3 meters away from me. Obviously this doesn’t solve the problem of someone else’s thrall blocking your way, but at least it would give me control over that which is mine.


Agreed, this is a major hassle, particularly when exploring the Wine Cellar dungeon or pillaging New Asagarth. It shouldn’t be necessary to have to carry a katana just to rely on the heavy slash to get ourselves unstuck – that’s encumbrance I’d rather leave free for more loot.


I didn’t think of carrying a katana! I might have to start, though :confused:

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Yes, yes, yes, and more yes.

I’ve posted this before, and I will post it again since it’s evergreen (just like the song). I propose this move be implemented and labelled “The Ludacris”.

I like this idea. Honestly, why not allow players to shove other players thralls too, while we’re at it, and after so many instances of shoving them they see it as an act of aggression and attack?

Deffinitely need this option. You used to be able to kick thralls, i would like to see it returned.

My clan mate once kicked conan from his tavern, across the highlands, and into our base where we spend a day hanging out :joy:

I think he wants something more like this…

and again only a mod, sorry


You can kick them - so long as building damage is on, they’ll step back a bit when you do.

I’ve had to log in somebody elses base, all my bases have double doors in every room and all this time the solution was this painfully simple?

Still, making kicking an option with and without building damage turned on would be ace though.

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