War paint decay? Really?

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[There’s a whole lot of grinding to get a war paint that adds three points to your attribute. I don’t think its fair to put a decay timer on it. Now it’s not worth a dragon powder to only use for a half hour. Also adding oil to make insulted wood was absolutely ridiculous. Great job!!!]

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I can see why they’d make war paint a temporary thing for “realism”, since in reality, war paint would eventually come off anyway due to sweat and such, but, in this game, it makes war paint pretty much pointless, since the materials aren’t worth the effort of gathering for a temporary boost. If they want to add temporary attribute boosters, why not make potions for that? The war paint was fine as it was before, this is a good example of the phrase, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.


Problem is, when translated into Norwegian, it mistakenly turned into “if it’s not broken - we can do it!”, and this is the paradigm Funcom follows :wink:


War paint decay is a nice feature , in the movie when Conan is marked up to save his soul a few hours later it was gone. However, I would like to see a status bar to increase time of marking or even turn off decay.

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