War Party (Last perk in Authority)

What do they mean by “your statistics no longer influences your followers damage output?” :thinking:
What kind of statistics? I can think about one player statistic, affecting thralls - players equipped gear giving +% follower damage. So player spent 20 points in Authority just to make this gear useless? That would be hilarious :rofl:

P.S. Knowing how FUNCOM programs their games, I would not be surprised if +weapon damage potion or food, given to a thrall by player, is also considered “players statistic”. After all - it was player who gave those items :disguised_face:

Yes, this threw me when I first fired up 3.0.

I also found it weird, that my thrall’s health bar seemed to always be changing (she wasn’t even in combat lol) I now know it was due to the authority ‘perk’

I am still experimenting atm, but I do find it odd, that thrall’s just wouldn’t have ‘static’ stats as it were, but now can actively be changed based on your own. Still wrapping my head around this change, :smile:

I believe War party means actually the opposite to what I just mentioned, as in if you went the other route (the ‘Well trained’ perk) your thralls stats would change based on yours, while War party negates that, but instead lets you take an additional thrall.

(someone by all means correct me if I’m wrong here)

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I believe it refers to the damage bonus the thrall gets from the players Authority attribute. Some testing required, of course.

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As far as I know, “Well trained” just gives your thrall flat +20 to all his attribute points as long as he is following you.

I hope this is not the case, because it is incredibly stupid to invest 20 attribute points in your followers damage - and then just throw it all away.


Yup that’s the part which confused me for a moment, I was changing thralls, and noticed their stats kept changing, most noticeably their health. Threw me to begin with.

It’s contradicting.
You choose War Party, then you look at your stats, it says “Follower Damage Bonus 90%”.
Why not “Follower Damage Bonus 0%” because the description says stats don’t count?

It very confusing for me at least. I didnt understood the numbers when i tested in testelive and found that one follower with well trained, performed better than 2 with war party. Against a rockslide. Im planning to use war party only to farm, to have two beareres, or camels, or even more zombies or to knock out lesser npcs faster.

The other choice gives +20 to all stats for one follower. And yes this follower can take down a world boss with your help and buffs.

the +20 to strength is the damage bonus.

War party adds no bonus to either follower but you get two of them who also can take down a world boss.

So it boils down to style of play you like.

Any FUNCOM devs around? Or do we have to wait until someone cracks the game in DevKit and looks this thing up?

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tag them, maybe someone shows up, but i think they are busy as hell, with all that problems around

Funcom’s peeps are not generally known to give straight-up technical answers like that (there’s a reason this forum category was renamed ‘players helping players’) , though exceptions exist of course.

Just wanted to post my limited test that I put on reddit since I couldn’t find the answer anywhere, either.

% increase to follower damage (from gear) is negated by War Party.

Test scenario:

War Party active
2x Thrall (Dalinsia & Lianeele) ~level 5
Unassisted Red Mother fight
With (me wearing) full Skelos gear (+47.5% follower damage) took: slightly under 8 minutes
Without (not wearing) +follower damage% took: very slightly over 8 minutes

I only did 1 of each test and the methodology was far from perfect but the numbers would probably be closer to 5-6 mins with the added damage, had the opposite been true. Overall, since time to kill was roughly the same I’d say the assessment is accurate but feel free to try yourself.

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