Well-Trained vs War Party for Age of War?

Hi all,

I’ve never done an authority build and am on one now. Just curious as to what’s generally better - Well trained, or war party?

I recall in the past well trained seemed to be the preferred option, is that still the case?

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I’ve always played with Well-Trained, and it has always been successful.

Lower-tier thralls may actually benefit more from an extra helper than better stats now that they get rubbish hitpoints per point of Vitality. Just be aware that they’ll have terribly low hitpoints.

Two at a time is good for leveling up thralls, as you can train two at a time.

But for serious business, with a top-tier thrall, I’d still go with Well-Trained.


Well-Trained and well-corrupted :wink: The 3-rd perk is what you need.

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As Kapoteeni said, you can’t go wrong with Well-Trained. Their advice for levelling is very true as well.

When it comes to level 15-20 followers, what perk you pick should be determined by what kind of follower they are, Pet or Human.

The Damage and Health increase to a Human follower from Well-Trained is actually comparable to how they perform doubled up with War-Party. So for Humans, either is acceptable.

Pets on the other hand are sadly trash, and need all the help they can get, so Well-Trained is definitely the way to go.
The amount of damage they get from the +20 and your Authority bonus is nuts. Their survivability also shoots up quite well due to the Health and Armour increase.
Keep in mind, this still only makes them on-par to Human followers overall.

Weigh your choice accordingly. Remember, this is min-max talk too. If you want two Rhinos to wreck havok in New Asgard be my guest. Fun is more important imo.


You’re less likely to lose a well trained thrall into battle
The duo is kinda nice for leveling thralls though, but don’t do anything too crazy

So far the most dangerous bosses in the game are the one skull bosses in Wine Cellar dungeon and the Arena champion. Didn’t find any others which deal that much damage, rhino and spider bosses are medium threats due to poisons and bleeds (if it adds up to much).

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Two is always better than one. AoW has not made me change opinion on that fact.


Thanks all. I ended up going with well trained last night and it’s hard to see how 2 squishy thralls would compare to the bonus of getting a big boost to a thrall at a low level. Maybe having two level 20 thralls might be a better comparison later in the game, but for now I’ll stick with well trained (and yes, it’s a huge difference for pets!)

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On Siptah, the one-skull Grey One bosses with their two-handed hammers can hit very hard if they manage to land a full combo on your thrall. My dude lost ~1200 hitpoints to one combo despite wearing 1900+ armor.

Most world bosses die so quickly now that as long as you participate in the fight, thralls should be safe. It’s the dungeon bosses that didn’t get nerfed.

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Me too. Or at least i try it and hated it from the very beginning. You know, we damage a lot, and i mean a lot.
Hold a hanumans gada full strength and witness everything to melt in front of you in seconds. Charge attack with momentum and destroy everything in your way.
So, authority build? Nah.
Since you want to do it i will say that @rigultru covered me completely. It’s really on what you want to do, how big is the risk and all that’s been written above from all the other members very well.

Try both and choose what you liked the most.

Last but not least, my friend plays constantly full authority well trained and full encumbrance . In advance he uses strength armor pieces and weapon for his thralls and he wears skelos cultist with predatory blade. It works perfectly for him, he dies sometimes in lags but like @Kapoteeni said his thralls never die. He plays berserkers only.

War party performs very well if you have two thralls with high hp in very good armor. If not, well trained is better.
There’s a specific scenario where choosing War Party is almost mandatory. Imagine you want you take a bearer with you. You’ll be farming like crazy and you know you’ll run out of inventory space. Then you should use War Party and also take a fighter with you as bearers are utter crap when it comes to fighting. Don’t forget to turn off the irritate perk on the bearer.

War party is good if you want to level up your thralls quicker, because of course it means you can level up two at a time. Well trained is definitely better though.

Except you can redo your build for encumbrance. So even that isn’t necessary. Only time that would play a part is if you’re in dangerous territory and require sorcery or something since it won’t let you do any sorcery while over encumbered. It’s a VERY specific circumstance. I ALWAYS use well trained. The only time I can see someone using it on the regular is for leveling tbh. And even then, I’m too lazy to redo my build and relearn how to play with two weaker thralls.

I said run out of inventory space, not being encumbered, @jmk1999 . It’s heavy duty farming where you’ll strip naked a few areas and you need as many slots as you can get. This means taking a horse and two thralls, but taking two bearers is pushing your luck. They are very fragile. You take a horse because they can avoid fights, unlike pets with more inventory space. :blush:

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Ah, my mistake. Regardless, I don’t see much purpose in it outside of MAYBE raiding a decayed base in PvE. :thinking:

You would be surprised, @jmk1999 When you do a run where you pick everything in your way, you’ll run out of inventory space faster than you think.
Then you dump it in vaults so that they auto organize.

Wait, vaults auto organize now? Sorry to go off topic, but that was one of the reasons I don’t use them. That and the obvious really big factor. I haven’t used a vault since 2018. :unamused:

Well, I call it that way, @jmk1999 . :smile: Stuff stacks (those that do). When I need something I use the sort by name filter. That’s how I manage to avoid having too many chests. Often I build my crafter’s square on top if it, using terrain to camouflage the vault, that I encase. We should have them auto linked to benches.

I agree that for lower levels and worse equipment , or pets will be better well trained
My personal experience with AoW so far is the Lianelle & Zerk combo I’ve mentioned a few times already where max HP loss so far has been around 20% due to poison when rushing sand reaper queen and with the child of jhill boss due to that AoE attack

I leveled up two low level berserkers in UC over the weekend, both of them only had not much armor around 1k and berserkers battle axes
I gave them steaks for HP and at lvl 5-6 they were able to kill the red mother and few more other bosses with minimal HP loss
Imho if you have access to epic armor and weapons you can easily go with 2 thralls for more fun and variation almost anywhere besides a few dungeons

@Keldy ,

People who take Lianeele to fight should be IMMEDIATELY attacked by a level 6 Cimmerian Purge with Rockslides for pets. Or two. :expressionless:


Lol why?
She’s got decent hp like the other cimmerians.
Above average dmg coefficient
Looks great. (I’d always rather look at a pretty girl than an ugly guy)
Removes corruption.
Gives me passive regen.
Since 3.0 when I can have two companions, t4 bard is the obvious choice in the team and our clan already has a nice collection of them