Warhorn Rhino recipe Bugged

Game mode: Co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: [ US ]
Mods?: Are mods installed: [ No ]
Edition: Select one: Steam

Bug Description: Wartorn Rhino recipe cannot be unlocked even with the appropriate DLC installed

Expected Behavior: Should unlock with DLC installed

Steps to Reproduce:

1.Install related DLC
2. Start game
3. Enter Feat menu
4. Find Warhorn Rhino recipe unobtainable with a DLC label lock

When did you buy IoS and do you see the rhino-dlc in your Steam DLCs? Did you buy IoS from Steam? The rhino was an early access reward.

If you bought IoS before release from Steam or authorized resellers, you should have it. The other possibility is that you bought the game from a shady website which is not an authorized reseller. Then, you will never have the rhino.

Funcom will ask you to prove that the game was bought from Steam or an official reseller during early access to assist you further.

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I bought it from steam probably a week after it was released on PC but I didn’t actually download conan for PC until recently with the DLC. I don’t actually care about obtaining it myself (Since I can spawn it in anyways) but everyone on my server reported the same issue on xbox before I moved to PC and I see it here now and just wanted to point it out. I assume it had to be downloaded probably in a certain time period to trigger. I’ll report it again here later if my PC server has the same issue when it opens up.

If you can prove your purchase, then Funcom should be able to assist you. The rhino works for me, make sure it is installed.

It should show up in your DLC list.


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