Warmaker Dungeon: It says, "found key, " but it doesn't open the door

Warmaker Dungeon: It says, “found key.” But it doesn’t open the door. No key is visible in inventory. When clicking on the door it says: “… Required?” Won’t open.

I’ve experienced the same. Killed the ghost boss but he didn’t drop any key. Read the note left by a precious traveler. Chest at the door open but says I got a key thought my inventory doesn’t show a key. Can’t open the door says _(blank) Reguired. What what is required it doesn’t say? Rechecked the chest and it says I’ve already have a key but still can’t open the door to the next area of the Warmaker Dungeon. Hope someone can help. Tired this earlier with a friend with the same results. This time solo and still can’t get in.

check see if you have any other keys from other dungeons, it said same for me but i dropped the black keep key i had tired chest again got the real key then door opened, picked black keep key back up done.

Been there, done it and it was still the same results.

Jallard and @harby46,

Are you using any mods? Which ones?
Try turning your mods off (one by one). There might be an id conflict or something.

Sounds very much like a mod issue

Glad I can’t do mods on Xbox. I’m with funcom on most issues, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Or ye olde server needs a therapeutic reboot.

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Our server reboots every six hours after checking for mod and Dev updates. (Done automatically.) That said, the problem could very well be a mod issue. To that end we are discussing the possibility of a database wipe followed by not running any mods at all on the reboot. We had a server crash this morning prior to a reboot. The issue was the Glass Construction mod. Currently we are testing the issue…the Warmaker Dungeon in single player, without mods.

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