Warning when deleting mail

so I just brought an Agent for 60k from AH and like a fish in the desert I inadvertently deleted the mail / without taking the agent from Mail. would it be possible if Funcom could some how implement a fail safe that will give a warning like ’ This mail contains an attachment, you cannot delete, so to prevent any future mishaps or human error in future? just an idea Thanks

proof that I did indeed receive the agent from the AH but not from the attachment


It already has a warning if you try to delete mail but haven’t collected all attachments.

Buying from AH does not work that way, the mail is just to tell you what you bought, the item is not an attachment.

Anything you buy goes in the 10 slots on the AH page.

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oh ignore this I’m having a total spaz moment yeha sorry I’m super tired and not paying attention fsf FISH WAKE up I should go sleep lol what a complete moron I am

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