Watcher Equipment No Longer Showing

Den said in the Q&A stream that they suspected the issue was on their end and he would look into it.

That’s all we’ve got at this time.

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How long ago was THAT?

The Q&A stream? Yesterday.

Okay that makes me feel a LITTLE better. I know people have been reporting this for some time.

I noticed just a few days ago that I cannot anymore create these Twitch Drop items. All have vanished from my account. I linked my Conan account with Twitch again and it did not work. One my player buddy also has same problem. Like they never existed even they should be shown. This saad and frustrating.

Just want to bump this again.
Wanted to do some low key base decoration last night while eagerly awaiting the glorious 3.0.
Obviously I found it weird not seeing the Watcher’s stuff after doing my whole base’s lighting with the gorgeous torches a while ago. So yeah, here I am.

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ours is gone too… this is one of the reason i won´t buy stuff from the shop…

if this happen to bought things… this would be interesting to see how to contact somebody to fix this

Watcher stuff is handled completely differently to everything else, it has to go through a third party just to check if you own it.

Store stuff should be handled even more directly than the current DLCs.

hm we will see