Water DLC - Fountains and Water Blocks

I love to build in the game, and what I like most about buildings is to use water, especially since my base is in the desert, and this in the game is super limited.
You should do a special aquatic DLC, with various water sources varied and especially with a “block of water” what would be the block, in many games you can create your own “lake” this would be incredible to make bases surrounded by water and with an access bridge at the gate.
These blocks of water could only be used in places where there was already a block of other material and had blocks of four sides, so that the water does not float in the air, that is, you create a “sandstone” base where you want to make your pool, lake … then in the middle of this “square” leaving a block on the clear edges would replace the middle blocks by the blocks of water, the block of water would only replace an existing block with the four sides occupied by common blocks or another block of water so as not to run the risk of water floating in the air and if one of the sides is destroyed the block of water would also desturize , you would choose to make the block of water from the block that would be the floor below the 1x1 of water, block of black ice water would have the floor underneath black ice block, wooden water blocks would have the floor below the wooden water … with all types of block, could not make water depths greater than 1x1 since there would be no way to put water on top of water.
That’s it, you can enrich more of this aquatic DLC with more water theme stuff, or even adding ‘fish’ to put on that koi-like lake, I’m sure everyone will be interested in it adding a lot to the game.


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