Water level in rivers is dropping down, fast

Hi Guys,
For the last 3 or 4 weeks, the water level in rivers are dropping low. Places where I used to need to swim, I can walk now. And so are the mobs.
Is this normal? Or do we get a dry season and is drinking water going to be a big problem?


you should probably drink less :neutral_face:

I have not noticed any river ‘water-level’ changes. Where is this happening? Do you have a screenshot?

haven’t notice any areas, but now that it is mentioned…that would be awesome. Have tides for the Eastern Bay, and seasonal water heights for river and ponds. the mechaninic is there, in the dreggs, expand it!!!

Last time I went in my fish house (just to refresh, not for fish) I noticed my traps were not in water but that has happened before and water levels do change now. I will check again to see if still dry

One in the starter area and another in the dessert, close to the hand.
I know some places there the river is not deep, but right there, itthe water level was close to the green plants
Hope this helps. I have My home there and saw the water level go down. Maybe only with me??? Playing online PVE.

That looks normal. Several river that are shallow, and many that run thru desert that are 100% walkable like that.

Yes. I know. But this part was not walkable :frowning:

Judging by tower of bat, did you happen be near Gods Hand? cause there is a small pool that can be swam in. But rest of river almost to top is walkable.

yes it is. But The level drop goes very very sneeky. I did see it the first time in the start area. But it seems Im the only one who seen it. never mind. :slight_smile:
Im probely wrong. We 'll see later this year. :smile:
I do hope Im right, because it would realy add something cool to the game :slight_smile:
Thanks all for responding.

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Fun fact. How soon your chracter starts swimming in shallow water depends on how tall you made them. :wink:

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Drink less what? LOL

Water. There isn’t enough left for the rivers!

graphics glitch?

River view from just about where you are:

This shows it off a bit more dramatically:

I used to run by this area all the time, it now looks a bit different. What happens when you approach this patch of water at the narrows is you realize it’s still shin-deep but the sand is white like a beach, which makes me think perhaps the graphics dept has enhanced the water and sand composite effects. I’ll look through some old footage sometime during the week to see if it’s an actual level change, or if it’s a nuance to how we see it at distance and up-close.

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Hi, new exile here. Just started the game on PS4 4 weeks ago, and I too noticed the difference in the water level. Especially in the South (the river area between Shattered Bridge and the Sentinels) and the Northeast towards the lower part of the Jungle (heading towards Drifter’s Rest). Like OP said, I’ve noticed the difference when passing to the other side of the river, and suddenly I realized that I could walk instead of swimming.
I swim a lot, especially when over encumbered, so I too started to wonder about a dry season heading our way. Would be cool, though (hopefully meaning longer sandstorms followed by proper monsoons?).

If indeed the water level changed it might mean another thing, map remake to implement mounts.

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Oh, my goodness, that would be so great!!! Me on my rhino or elephant!!

I’m not in on some inside joke I’am I?

I went thru about 3800 screen caps over year, and none of these places have changed water depth, My home use to be near several of waterfalls on river and under hand and not from spider caves, even had one outside darfari camp.

Still all same as far as I can tell XD

Its true, Peace Rock is now above water and I saw the alligators and rhinos drinking side by side.