Way to check which missions I haven't done?

I’m trying to get the completion award for Savage Coast and I have everything marked off except “Talk of the town” (every mission completed). For the life of me, I can’t figure out what mission I’m missing. Every person (except dungeon giver, which I’ve also completed) and side mission icon on my map is grey. Is there any simple way to figure out what side mission I’m missing? I’m certain I’ve done all the main ones.

Achievements / Missions / Region


There is a achievement for each type of mission listing all needed missions by name. One for side missions, one for action/sabotage missions and one for investigation missions.
Find the name, google it and it should show you where to find the mission.

Thanks, that was what I needed.

I think there might be some missions that aren’t included in the various zone achievements? I might be wrong, though, but I thought so.

There was an addon in TSW that showed you all missions in your Mission Journal and marked ones that you had not completed with an icon. I don’t know if it would still work with SWL, it’s quite old. I wouldn’t risk it, but perhaps someone could redo it for SWL?

Sure but by definition they don’t count towards the achievement reward anyway (generally it’s stuff you’re supposed to come back to at level 50, like lairs)

Dungeons, lairs, the NY raid, A Piece of the Road (KM) and All Roads Lead to Rome (London) don’t count for any current regional mission achievements.

But you can just check your map for those.

Or use the Agartha Activities terminals. Paragon has “A Piece of the Road” and “All Roads Lead to Rome” and Group should have all the dungeons, lairs, and raid. I assume. I haven’t used it. Shift-V is always closer.

The other “missions” that aren’t listed or required are the local bounties that reward you for killing a bunch of critters you happen to be near anyway. Those are incidental and not worth worrying about, not much reward either, just quick and easy side missions for daily quota.

In addition to your achievement log you can also tell by looking at your map. When you complete a mission the icon for that mission will appear gray on your map. That way you can also see where you need to pick up the last few missions in an area.