Total Missions Complete

Thought I’d throw this out there. With most online mission guides being incomplete or confusing due to the crossover between SWL and TSW I wanted to get some input on how many missions players have total in there mission log CTRL-J

I’m interested in the total of CURRENT + COMPLETED (All Regions) + Paused.

For example in my case I have a total of (634 Missions):
(1) CURRENT - Marquard’s Wake
(2) PUASED - Both are bugged atm and waiting for GM to reset.

I can establish a list if ppl are interested but as far as I know that is all the missions I am able to find in SWL. Would be interested to see if others match and if anyone has more Ill look into breaking down the region totals.

Note: If there is allready a verified up to date list out there please let me know!


My “finished missions” show 669 (and they also add up correctly, surprise !) plus Marquard’s Wake and a paused NYR.

Good lord that’s way more of a difference then I expected. Thank you for this. Going to start making some comparisons. Id be extremely interested in seeing the entire list because I spent quite a bit of time looking through guides and checking zone maps to complete what I have currently. Do the bounty missions get included in this list? Its the only thing I didn’t pay much attention to. Here’s mine for comparison. Surprisingly it looks like there’s a few missing from from almost every region.

Screenshot (94)

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Plus 9 paused and one current, of course.


6 paused in Kaidan, 1 in CF, one in New Dawn, and one is The Broadcast.

Looks like there’s no consistency. Wonder if we should pick a region with fewer total missions like BF or SF and list them all to see if there’s a reasonable explanation. Duplicate entries, maybe?

This is on a Dragon playthrough…

1 current — ND: MW
655 finished
6 paused — 3x Kaidan, 2x Agartha, 1x Kingsmouth


When I do the CF “finished” list, it says 37 in the dropdown and then lists 33 … :woozy_face:


Shadowy Forest 55 but only 47 in the list





London (I R Templar)












Sunken Library






New Dawn

So, my numbers are either somehow inflated or some missions don’t show up in the list.

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There was some weirdness with the mission journal in the past. I remember some issues with it in the old game regarding blank missions appearing in the journal. I don’t remember much else about it, though. If the old testlive forums were still around I could probably pull it up in my post history there.

Thanks for this ill take a bit of a closer look later today. That at least relieves me a bit if the numbers are inflated. I was expecting to be missing maybe a couple but not 30-40missions.

I guess numbers really are out to lunch. For example I just cross-referenced your CF missions and I have the exact same list complete (33 Missions). Yet my total shows 35.

It very well could be those local bounties.

I guess now that I think about it that would explain the slight differences. Like I believe I have done all the bounties or 99% of them. However I’ve also run through many of the zones re-activating them but not completing them. Since bounties cant be put on pause they wouldn’t display in the paused missions but reactivating them might take them “out” of the finished missions category. They were physically never listed there to begin with but it might track them regardless in the totals.

Will be a simple test for this ill go complete all the KD bounties later and see what happens! I know I have activated 80% of them without completing them.

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This is exactly it! Every bounty I completed increased my completed mission count by one. Awesome well that should clear up the inconsistencies in the values displayed in the mission journal.

For example starting with an easy one. New Dawn now shows 24 complete for me. That’s 21 missions in the list + the 3 bounty missions that can be found at night.

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So after revisiting all the zones and running through the bounty missions (or at least what I could find regarding there locations online) I now have a new updated list.

Screenshot (96)

A new total of 680 (1 In Progress + 677 Completed + 2 Paused in Kaidan)

As far as mains and sides went everything matched up with @Svella with the exception of The Sunken Library (Seek and Preserve - Bronze/Gold/Platinum) not sure where those are found. And I had an Agartha mission they didn’t have (Extra-Dimensional Furry Friends) Also not sure where that actually came from.

Crash/disconnect the very moment the last boss of a S&P scenario spawns and find after relogging that it already ate you and a sizable portion of your survivors, making the term “survivor” ironic.

I never went enough to Rosenbrawl to get that.

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So I had 655 finished until I ported to Carpathian Fangs and ported back out. After that I had 654 and no difference anywhere else because the bounty you get at that well is apparently visible in Finished Missions but not in Paused Missions I guess.
This made me go to the KD lair and kill Deep Ones and sure enough I now have 656 finished missions, no difference in the others so that one was also invisibly paused.
I’m not sure I have the patience to run every single bounty in the game again to make sure they are showing for the next 8 hours until I run through that area again XD

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Yep, the funny part is that its actually hard to find a complete list of bounty missions online. Some of the first areas have some documented maps and Kaiden is pretty well maps out on a couple websites but Transylvania I just ran around aimlessly lol.

Uni and I found the same - there wasn’t even a listing anywhere of the amount of the bounty missions per zone. Did you count how many you found in each area @Drenneth ?

We ran around SD a couple of hours ago and found 8.

Surely these missions have a tag to them, otherwise they wouldn’t be counted in the overall sum. In which case… makes zero sense why they aren’t showing in the listing as their mission name. Forgotten checkmark on purpose? Or simply just forgotten?

yes i have a list. Its not pretty atm but its my notes thus far. I didnt make notes of the bounty locations or bounty mission names only the number per zone. Maybe one day if im really bored ill run a zone and make better notes.

A piece of the road only displays once NOT twice.
9 Bounties
[Side] [610, 667] It Takes Two to Tango – Notebook (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [653, 132] Message in a Bottle – Message in a Bottle (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [624, 672] Tango and Cash – Tattered Note (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [288, 331] The Occultist’s Cookbook – The Occultist’s Cookbook (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [196, 346] Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance – Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] Bringing Sexy Back (Now “Boys will be Boys”)

6 Bounties
[Side] [665, 979] Dear John – Slain Courier (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [253, 415] Extracurricular Activity – Headmaster’s Evaluation (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [838, 281] His Master’s Voice – Journal (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [527, 288] Wisped Away – Spirit Jar (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] Property of Innsmouth Accademy (NOT IN SWL)

6 Bounties
Dreyrugr Draug (Seems this has one is no longer available after patch?) 447 / 100
[Side] [844, 294] Skeleton in the Attic – Sasquatch Skull (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] A Delivery for the Departed (NOT IN SWL)

8 Bounties
[Action] The Fate of al-Merayah (NOT IN SWL)
[Action] From Oxford, With Love (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [682, 289] Attack on al-Meryah – Crumpled Note (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [261, 135] Letters from the Front – Dead Marya Scout (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [780, 229] Pumped Up – Report For Nassir (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [551, 460] The Fedora Express – Personal Belongings (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [719, 261] Wayward Weapons – Weapons Crate (NOT IN SWL)

  • [Side] The Council Crossing (NOT IN SWL)
  • [Side] Five Ways to Kill a Man (NOT IN SWL)

4 Bounties
[Side] [103, 904] Flight of the Falcon – Orochi Artifact Crate (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [111, 453] Postcard Collector – Postcard Collection (NOT IN SWL)
[Side] [103, 904] The Land of the Dead – Orochi Artifact Crate (NOT IN SWL)

6 Bounties

8 Bounties
– [Side] Hungry Like the Wolves – Slabs of meat (887, 878)

  • [Side] Like a Ghoul to the Slaughter – Ghoul corpse (1021, 935)
  • [Side] The Mn with the Siver Tougue

5 Bounties
– [Side] Eye Spy – Damaged Orochi drone (562. 1246)

KAIDEN (112)
14 Bounties

3 Bounties

We’re trying to compile a list and map out the bounties. I can tell already that your number of bounties per zone do not match up with mine though.

I suspected as much. I only noticed yesterday that they counted towards the completed missions even if they weren’t listed. This data is the result of a few quick google searches and a bit of running around in the zones that I couldnt find information on. Sadly some of the sources I used seemed incomplete as I would notice bounties popping up that wernt on the website. For example Crygaia list some of the bounties but is missing more then half of them for each zone.