Total Missions Complete

are there any instanced bounties?

That’s a very good question… I don’t know. I don’t remember any off the top of my head but there could be.
What about the “kill this dungeon’s guardian” ones. Do they count?

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They should count. Whether each dungeon has a unique copy or if it’s one shared across all dungeons is another matter to confirm.

I swear it said 672 Finished Missions a few minutes ago. Hmm…
I have 9 Paused and 1 Current

This was the number of bounties I was able to find… Forgot about SA… Guess I’m not done… Curious what the BM mission I overlooked was though. I tried for the Dreygugr Draug but couldn’t make that pop.
KM: 10
SC: 6
BM: 5
SD: 8
CotSG: 5
BF: 6
SF: 8
CF: 5
KD: 14

Edit: New Dawn: 3 (Doing those didn’t change my mission counts)

I think it’s shared. The mission turn-in calls it ‘Daily Dungeon’ but I’m not sure it’s counted anywhere. I don’t see a mission that fits in my list and I just did it.

Finished the dungeon I had in paused missions and I now have 1 less paused mission and the same amount of finished missions. I wonder if dungeons show in both lists :thinking:

That brings my total down to 680 (671 finished, 8 paused and 1 current) though for some weird reason I don’t have “A Whispering Tide”

These are mine on a lumi character. Im missing the two during whispering tide event sadly

There are instanced ones in The Tower. All the tsw sides in The Tower are bounties in SWL.


I’m also missing 2 missions but counting those I get a total of 682. I’m missing “A Whispering Tide” and the unrepeatable “The Meowling”.

Whispering Tide was seasonal, so it’s not surprising that newer players missed that.

Some missions have breadcrumbs leading to them that become unavailable if you skip them. That’s probably the case for the unrepeatable The Meowling, All Roads Lead to Rome, and probably a few others.

Also, 1-up on Venice missions!


Fun fact: The Castle has its own category. For… reasons.

The Meowling was only the first part of a three mission chain in the original TSW. It was followed by Crossing The Black Path and The Cat God. IIRC all three missions were condensed into one in SWL.

climbed the tower again to get rid of missing bounties, so with the 2 from whispering tide im missing and marquards wake im at 684 total. Are you guys sure this is not a plugin making the silver,bronze,gold and platinum missions from TSW show up?

If it is, I don’t know what it would be. To the best of my knowledge I have nothing installed that messes with the mission journal in any way.

mind sharing plugin list? guess it would be something both Svella and Aeryl have in common

I wondered this to. I tried forcing a crash after the final boss spawned as @Svella mentioned and then let a couple “survivors” die before completing but it didn’t seem to change anything in the mission log.

Sure, but I don’t think UI mods have anything to do with it. I run the same ones on all of my characters and only my main is showing the old scenario missions.



as for the Bronze/Gold missions, I believe these just come from losing survivors and so far, crashing was the only feasible way to “achieve” that. I suppose standing there and watching them getting eaten should work too.

Hmm. Alt 1 has Gold too, but no Bronze

while Alt 2 hat none of them, not even Plat :thinking:

think it might be a bug that got fixed at some point. You probably got them early enough for it to carry over

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found a missing bounty zone in KM(10) so so with the 2 from whispering tide im missing and marquards wake im at 685 total. (the bronze,silver,gold,platinum I dont get)

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