Query about the "Fully complete an adventure zone" achievement

One of the tips that appears on login and transition says something like, “If you fulfill all the missions, fully expore the territory, defeat all the champions and complete the dungeon in an adventure zone, you’ll get an amazing reward!”

I have three questions about this process, one of which may reflect a bug:

  1. I don’t seem to be able to tell what missions I have completed because not all of them appear in my Journal under “Completed Missions” – nor in paused or current ones. Some that I’ve done multiple times appear nowhere! Is this a bug and/or are they accessible elsewhere? Alternatively, does one have to keep a separate list?

  2. Does completing a zone include completing any Lair there?

  3. Is there a way to determine what remains still to be done – what missions, what areas what champions – to finish everything in a zone?


Achievements / Missions / Region
Achievements / Bosses / Champions / Region

No lairs or dungeons required.

See #1.