We must stop officials PVP servers transfers

Hi all,

At first, I find it fun to transfer to a new server, in fews hours you can explore the server and setup your T3 base.
Then go to raid!

Ok, but now all servers has been raided like crazy. And we miss the first steps of the game, level up, find thralls, get recipes, craft weapons, raiding materials …

So I think the best is to stop officials PVP servers transfers or :

  • to continue with adding a 3 months forced wipe.
  • to continue but limit the transfers to only 2 linked servers EL/Siptah.

The more you raid, servers after servers, the more you become powerfull. And you can get the best weapons and armors from EL and Siptah. At a point, you enter a new server like a god!

Any feedback from others players?


You can also learn to be a god, it’s not easy, there are milestones to pass but it can be very Nice :thinking::grin::ok_hand::+1::joy:

I still cannot say, the transfers didn’t start, but starting fresh is the best thing you can do in pvp servers. Ofcurce I was playing in private servers with friends, but yes, this is one of the best parts of the game.
Again, it’s your choise, do it.

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I am shocked, I tell you, just. . . shocked.

The forums were pretty vocally against its implementation into PVP, both before and after it’s introduction. Funcom ‘a response was to shorten transfer times from 7 days to 3 on PVP…

They must be happy with the chaos it has introduced or are by measuring by some other metric we aren’t aware of :man_shrugging:

  1. Still waiting for DBD being turned on.
  2. I see no reason to wipe the server.
  3. I don’t fall for a god gimmick. Just need to do it once (assuming ripe selections).

Well, a month and a half of actual experience with the system can bring out data that makes a person change their mind.

Although, it’s possible that other, less objective, motives exist behind the suggestion to limit transfering.

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Hi, this is the case. At first I find it a good feature.

Now 2 months later, all pvp servers have been raided like crazy.

The good thing is now the official servers are wiped!

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Yes the only server transfer shud be whit one old map are linked to one spec Sipta map + maybe to go from pvp =} pve-c =} pve and nothing more.

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