Add server transfers to Official PVP

Hello everyone, i’ve been playing on the official pvp servers for the past week and the glaring issue is that everytime a server gets popular. cheaters come in and ddos it into oblivion effectively killing and forcing everyone to move to a new server, which makes cheaters move there too and repeating the process. My suggestion is that there should be transfers between servers for mainly two reasons:

  1. You don’t have to start from scratch when your server gets constantly ddosed.
  2. It makes PVP so much more, as a veteran from the Great War on ARK, transfers made yesterday’s local skirmishes between 2 clans part of a global war where shifting alliances and treachery are the norm as you are no longer confined to your server and have much more clans to fight with and against. It also keeps the server population healthy as you no longer have to abandon your server because everyone else left and you have no one to fight.

Now i understand some people’s concerns that the clans sitting on top of vaults of explosive jars would simply steamroll all of the servers which in that case if transfers do get implemented there should be at least a 3 month period where you can’t transfer explosive jars and you have to transfer the stuff to craft them on the spot.

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