We need more sensual and lusty outfits

Yeah I get what you are saying. But at the same time you are only living in the modern age and thus that is the only age you can really have any knowledge of how things have really been like. However throughout history there has always been suppression of “other ideas” for any reason they chose at the time, the point remained that they “didn’t like it” so they prevented everyone else from having access to it. Even if said things were beneficial to them. Book burning were a thing (and yeah, they still are just not on such a massive scale) to keep the “bad” knowledge away from people. People were burned just because they didn’t “believe the right thing”. So yeah, I really don’t think that what we see now is really “way worse” than what has occurred in the past. Mainly because we, as a people, have already seen it and we have learned about it and from it.

Not that things are overly good now though. :wink:


Are all the gratuitous under/side-boob armors not doing it for y’all?

I might be missing the point, but I’m seeing a ton of options out there already. It feels like at least one gets added each chapter.

Waiting to see if funcom follows through on making all benches like the bar. You have to set the artisan in world; where you can dress them, then set them to a bench.

Now if this happens I expect a bunch of bazaar artisan costumes. I’m quite sure there will be some revealing ones. Which then can then be used to illusion good armor.

Think wiefu{?}, bar maid, just an apron, cook, an actual belly dancer costume, not to forget all the race/faction costuming that could be done.

If it make funcom money lets embrace barbiecon exiles :sweat_smile:

Well, there’s already a few artisan costumes from the bazaar- Aesir blacksmith, Turanian cook etc

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There is also the bar armors from the battle passes. So I do expect thrall costuming to come.

:100: percent my good fellow. Upon first reading the thread I erroneously perceived you were in opposition to any such additions. I believe that in my own mind the water got muddied earlier on in the thread, especially trying to workout tarazuri’s position, and that was why I slammed the brakes on with a clear cut proclamation. Apologies for any misgivings surrounding your earlier posts good buddy.


This is a lovely mod that adds a number dresses and robes for daily life.

I do agree that this has some really nice outfits (based on the screenshots), but this sadly does not help our console friends.


A number of the costumes from the 2011 Conan movie including Marique’s are available in Age of Conan. Seems there’s at least a possibility they’ll find their way to Exiles barring any licensing technicality’s.

An oldie but a classic.


Considering they already had the 1982 movie characters as statues, this one is still flummoxed that they didn’t take the opportunity to add a few outfits from that show.

One of many examples


Yeah, all that they really did add were a couple of the helmets… which I have never once used. :rofl:

This being one of them.

I mean, it DOES look pretty darn accurate. I just have never had a use for it.


Have you seen the Barrachan Castaways outfit?
That’s a ship wrecked stripper outfit if ever there was one.