We NEED this in Conan as well

In 7 days to die you get a message showing the server is initializing, when it restarted.

In Conan, the server allows you to connect and it runs into 1020 ping because the connecting players DDOS it during initialization…


In my experience, healthy servers when rebooting won’t even show up in the server browser until they give this message:

LogServerStats: Status report.

Which is the message a server gives out every minute to update the browser. Once it starts doing that, you can connect to the server normally without issue. Its up and ready to go.

Servers that struggle due to inflated databases, have errors, or unsuitable hardware may struggle to have people login at the same time.

Direct connect.

So have it reject clients before it is starting to post the server stats. And display a similar message like in 7 days to die.

Not that hard to program, shouldn’t it?

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How would that message help your situation?
People would still mass connect as soon as the message goes away :man_shrugging:
What you would need is an offset queue-like system to balance simultaneous logins… however this is yet again one of those things that you’re trying to fix something with a completely out of scope “solution”.

The answer is really simple… this is yet again official server and gportal specific… While I haven’t tried it personally, I would wager that any other hosting service can pretty much handle 40 people connecting exactly at the same moment without issues even if they literally sync-press the button on purpose

The server I play on will ignore connections until that message shows in the console.

Like Xevyr said, the message won’t help a server getting ‘DDoSed’ as you call it. It might even make the situation worse since it will require that the server listen for requests and then give them the message while its still booting up.

40? Its gonna hiccup a bit but it’ll do it. 100? Nope. And like I said, the message OP is looking for won’t help that. It might even make it so the server just crashes instead.

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