We old players have been abandoned we only talk about the new map and nothing new in the old map why?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: why?
Region: europa

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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My guess is they have run out of room so to speak. Probably all the map can handle. Hopefully not would enjoy something new.

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gotta get new map working right. XD

We got several months…if not more for update ourselves… What would be point of adding to old map right now? We’d still be update behind…

Little reason for them to drop what there doing do to just that alone.

We’ll get news in 2021… if anyone is left alive. We’ll get the semi-liked-semi-hated health update along with new location… get to spend months crying about healing and broken updates for a few months. =p
And then maybe… one day, they’ll update old map for mummy of set and other things while I still care.

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Dlc map main area of work but once done they will add more content to both maps equally as much as possible but I’m patient I can wait

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Hi @FOXMAKAVELI, we’re moving this topic to General Discussion as it does not belong in the Bug Report section.

Regarding your concern, we’re committed to releasing updates that affect both maps in the future, including not only new content but also overhauls of certain features and mechanics, as well as balancing changes:


So is there any REAL new content coming to CE-EL or just changing how and where to craft/create it? + cosmetic bench (where we cannot change to gender…)

Like the last dungeon and/or the Mummy of the ring?

thanks for replying i’m eager to try all your news, i love conan exiles foreveriles❤

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