Weapon and Armor Mods

Unique weapons like the Festering one, Yogs touch, or the lying bastard have special stats or abilities that i think could be reworked in order to breath more life into the game.

My suggestion is make all weapons some what equal but create a Legendary Mod that you can than apply to the axe of your choosing to make it as powerful as the yogs touch or make an unnamed city mod that turn your everyday axe into a poison axe forever. Same goes with corruption weapons.

This would create a very interesting experience during pvp, currently it is very PREDICTABLE, as soon as you see a mordlum or yogs touch you know what you are dealing with. This would build up the pvp experience and would not take away but only improve the game.

Yogs touch Mod

Corruption Mod

Venom infused Mod.

And make them rare drops but once applied they become permanant.

What do you guys think?

Same could be done with cold and hot gear create a mod for gear temp.

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It’s not that I am against your mods idea , it is more about this part

no ! please do not ! if the game is very predictable nowadays it’s mostly because many weapons have been " equalized " (lifeblood spear , the critical hit axe ( don’t remember the name as I am typing this ) and so much more cool objects ) , what would be the point to do the wine cellar if I know before hand that I won’t have a better weapon that I already have ( or a least a % of chance to get it ) .

in the contrary if you have a variety of cool powerfull objects , then the fights starts to be more unpredictable ! even more when some objects look alike but have very different effects . I agree that the powerfull objects must be somewhat within a certain rage of equal " overall bonus power " it gives to the player and not only 3 or 4 weapons that are over the others , but let the legendary be legendary .

in another hand I like your modkits ideas , what would you think of this , having them only attach to craftable weapons ( without the legendaries like telith sorrow ) to bring them on par with some legendary objects , but you can only find them (like repair kits) one at a time on the last dungeons bosses .

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