Weapon Biles info

I’ve come across a couple of these, they add +3 of their named attribute to your weapon eg) Bile of Survival, +3 survival.

I added a Bile of Strength to Aja’s bane, but unfortunately it’s still +5, not +8 now, so don’t get that idea :smile:

I think they are intended for weapons without attributes.

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I’ve not actually used mine yet. Are they like poisons that last for a little bit, or a permanent enhancement?

I used a Bile of agility on Baal-pteor’s Razor that has 5 bonus encumbrance.

It doesn’t show in the weapon info but it stacks, it’s now Encumbrance +5, Agility +3.

Just doesn’t seem to stack with the same attribute.

You can’t use a Master weapon fitting on it either after using a bile, so a pretty useless addition imo.

Well you can get a Shield of Zabweth by killing her at the corsair large camp, put an encumbrance bile on that shield and now you’ll have a +5 survival+3enc shield. It does have some purposes


Yeah, shields seems like a natural fit, since they can’t get much else int he way of useful upgrades.

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