Bile of strength or advanced damage kit?

So, which one is better?
It got me thinking. As the wiki says, Bile of strength gives +15% strength weapon damage, so it means if you have a mace, that deals 50 damage, applying the bile gives plus 7,5 (let’s say 7), which is better than the advanced with +6.
So while the kit applied to the weapon adds a flat number, it seems, that the higher the weapon’s base damage, the better the bile.

But this is without any added math, such as points in strength.
The kit applied to the weapon acts like the weapon has more damage by default, so the math added later calculates that.
But what about the bile? It is the same? So the final output damage the calculation adds the +15% to the base, and takes that as the baseline THEN adds the bonuses from points in STR, or the +15% is added after all the bonuses (but still the 15% of the base damage of the weapon)?

Does anyone know, how the biles are added into the calculation?

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They function the same way as an Elixir buff → While you’re holding the weapon, it give you the player a +15% Strength Weapon Damage Buff.


I’m gonna play with it and do some tests. Now I have my vacation, I will have time to do so. :laughing:

(huhh, I barely played this game for months :open_mouth: ! Only for killing a boss or two, or craft a weapon and see what it does.)


It literally replaces the elixir. If you drink the elixir and take a weapon, it will replace the elixir and remove it. If you remove the weapon after that, there will be no bonus from the elixir. If I understand correctly and you are asking about the essence of power, etc.

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I know nothing of this calculation. When i played Siptah with @MarcosC he explained me what biles do but still never used them, call me traditional, i give my trust to master weapon fittings. Of course there are weapons who need only the dmg bag or the armor pen kit, but i hardly use these weapons. One member that created dmg mods and can surely help here is @Xevyr, he can tell you exactly the difference in numbers.
I would surely wanted to know too even if i wont use them ever :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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Overall, a bile is pretty bad because you can already have that effect with an Elixir or Food (bile doesn’t stack on top, you don’t get +45% but only +30%), but you’re losing out on whatever damage you could have had from a kit that boosts raw stats.

On top of this, even without using Elixir or Food, if you have full Strength/Agility attributes, each point of damage from your weapon is doubled when wielding it, if you also have armor that gives dmg bonuses, your weapon’s raw damage is even more important!

Very rarely will +15% be superior to +9 damage, simply because this +9 will be +18 or even +20… For this example, +15% would barely be superior to +9 damage if the weapon’s base damage was already 134 :notlikethis:
And let’s not forget you can already get the +15% after with elixir/food, and this +15% will also take in account the +9 damage giving you +1.35 damage from the +9…

Well you get it, bile of Strength isn’t good if you have proper equipment.
The only reason to use it would be if you run around naked with no attribute points, with no elixir/food buff…


Bile of strength

it’s trash

Use buffs and master weapon fitting instead.


Thanks guys, then it’s not worth the hassle I see.

Playing on the Isle of Men map mod, and just found a couple of them. Will shash them, PROBABLY they will get some sort of buff. :grimacing:

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Then ask @darthphysicist, maybe the bile in this mod map worth the shot!

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Let me slide into this post with a question: how do you use them? Use them while wielding the weapon? I have a couple of bile in a chest and wanted to ask about it.


You drag them onto a weapon, just like a weapon kit.


Got it, thank you! I tried to drag it to the radial menu and didn’t work and then I thought it needed to be cooked or something like that :sweat_smile:

To be entirely fair, if you are on Siptah, and RNGesus, all these years later, still hasn’t given the feat for making master fittings (nor Specialist Cooking 3, nor Kilns) to you yet, Biles are easy to get.

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