Weather: Sand and Weather Storm

I have been playing for about three weeks now. First with the testlive version and then, after the combat revamp, with the released on stable. Since then, i never experienced any weather storm. It was quiet often before. It was to mutch for my tast, but now it seems to be completely gone? I’m not certain if this a bug or intention but i think its not how it should be.

Furthermore i like to suggest do add some descent noise to the sand storm, which was allready optical improved. Currently i hear no wind, nor thunder from it. With the other visual effects and finaly inflicting damage, this feels somewhat odd.

Whether you experience the Sandstorm is dependent on where your base its. The Storm originates in the Unnamed City and heads ESE to the southwestern point of the Swungle. It goes as far N as the Oasis but no further. If you’ve built your base outside this zone, you will not see the sandstorm.

I know, and i have experienced it many times. It has no special sound to me. It should be “deafening” when you are inside it, but form me there is only silence…
I didn’t see any thunder storm and rain in north, nor in the desert. Thats what i meant.

I have had the sandstorm hit my outpost in the north east just below the snowline.
so it will go a bit farther north than the oasis.

Yet, at the Oasis IS on the edge of the effect. I was in the effect, and now I’ve moved my based a couple dozen yards north and now I can watch the sandstorm from my roof without taking damage.

this only means the storm could sweep north again past where you are,
I’ve seen the storm at the dam and in liam’s area.