Weekly Mod Highlight, Week of June 16th, 2019

Hello there,

I’m trying something “new” here. If it’s a popular enough topic I’ll continue this series every week. So, we’ll see :slight_smile:

What I would like to do is take the time to recognize mods and their mod authors for their contributions to adding free content to the workshop page. Mod authors work really hard to follow their modding passions and goals. Many of them also help contribute to the game by offering their ideas, suggestions, and even going as far to finding bugs and providing fixes to help the game grow.

Thus, every week, I’ll being picking one or more mods that has caught my attention for one reason or another, whether its because of a recent update, officially just launched, a hidden gem, or whatever. I’ll probably avoid the obvious mods (I mean, everybody whose ever modded knows what the great mods like Pippi already are) and instead try to give some love to something people may not already know about. And whatever mods I pick doesn’t mean other mods aren’t worthy of attention, it’s just no fun to list everything at once!

If nothing else, this topic might help inspire others who have been thinking about modding, or maybe spur idea discussions on these forums for other game updates people would like to see. With that, here we go.

River Boats of the Exile Lands

Many of you, right at this moment, have a Dalinsia Snowhunter Thrall guarding your base. That Thrall was named in honor of the very talented and passionate mod author, Snowhunter. River boats is a really ambitious and creative mod that adds boats that work on a “rail” system. But that’s not all, Snowhunter has also added full fledged town to the map as well. Snowhunter still has all sorts of other evil plans yet to come, as this large project is far from done.

Flutterguy’s Customisable Camera

Flutterguy has been working hard on this masterpiece. It’s easily one of the most customizable camera mods we have available. It has all sorts of options, useful for people who like to take fun screenshots, or like their action camera a certain way. Flutterguy just released a new update yesterday which has the much requested Camera Shake option which allows players to disable or enable the camera shake we all love and/or hate. Kudos on that option alone!

That’s what I got picked out for this week. What’s your mod of the week you think should be highlighted? Discuss below!


My mod highlight : All Multigun’s mods, and all future Multigun mods.

I’d love to see this series of yours continue, I myself don’t play on PC. But I love seeing what people come up with!

I’m surprised the thread is still open tbh. I decided not to continue the series as by the time the week had passed, it had less then 50 views and no reply’s, so I assumed people weren’t interested. I could do a monthly highlight instead, and just list some extra mods. If so, I’ll start it October 1st.

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Sounds great, I would love to see that. :slight_smile:

I had not taken note of the date, I see now this was three months ago. Well, This post was appreciated by myself. :slight_smile: