Weird Pet dead - Isle of Siptah (greater sand reaper queen level 20)


Hi all,
I do have a question that I hope you guys can “solve”. I had a greater sand reaper queen level 20 with really good stats. It had 5K+ health +/-1200 armor and still good dmg. It could solo some (not all) world bosses without my intervention.
Today I noticed it is “gone” I suppose it was killed by something even though nothing near my base can kill it for sure.
However I did notice that sometimes thralls & pets don’t deal dmg even though they are fighting spawned npc’s.
I had it once that the queen was put to half health by a regular croc and the moment I came near it one shotted the croc.
Is this a known bug? Is there another reason why pets/thralls won’t deal dmg to npc’s attacking it? It often costs a lot of time and trouble to get your stuff up in level and it isn’t fun to find out it’s no longer guarding it’s spot. I did try out the event log but it must have happened a couple of days ago.
Thanks for any additional information/help on this topic!

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It is a known bug, or at least I hope. I know about it without ever experiencing it and am I no way an hardcore player. Although if your pet died from a regular mob because it did zero point of damage, it would mean that a player was in the vicinity to keep them activated. When there is no one around, a Follower on guard and mobs falls in a stasis mode where they stopped action to safe resources for the client/server.

I would check the event log if I were you. Pump the distance at maximum and be sure to include enough time on the slider too. Last thing to be sure is to check the boxes regarding Followers. If you don’t find any trace of its demise, make triple sure it really is out of your Followers tabs which you can find by opening your inventory.

If you are maxed out and do not find your Follower, it is probably caused by population control rather than your Follower being killed.

Wish you the best.

OMG! I actually didn’t notice the possibility for the slides!
Why would the server “delete” active pets on foundations of active players when there are numerous pets from inactive players, even sometimes decayed buildings around?
The last update from my sand reaper queen 2020.10.15-09.09.17 "Sand Reaper Queen owned by Vultures (clan name) has returned home.
the only pet “lost” in between that date and now is a regular dog which I deleted myself.
Do you have any idea what criteria are used to know if a pet will be “deleted” by the server or not?

criteria are completely random, it’s your job to keep population in boundaries, else you’ll loose something on next restart

Its not active yet on official.

Use the follower tab and rescue it,
if the event log NOT showing its dead,
IT is alive and guarding somewhere you dont remember.

I believed that they did not yet implemented a max thrall size on official servers, we are with 4 in the clan and we have less than 50 pets/thralls active around the bases at any given time …
I am aware of the follower tab and know exactly where I put it on guard.
last event log showed it was returning to base and current follower tab is not showing its presence anywhere on the map.
If not a bug there should be some type of criteria used based on amount of thralls/pets on the server/activeness of players (I hope, it is silly and strange if you don’t use any parameters that can be checked) It should also be shown in the event log (over max limit thralls, thrall/pet removed)
If it is a bug; is it just an isle of siptah bug or happening more often.

Hi Delorre,
on the Server i play there are some people who use a bug to kill Pets / Thralls which are on guard.
I don´t want to make this Bug more public so i will not say how it works.
since the claminarea between Building parts are reduced it is even much more easier to use this bug.
I tryed it with a clanmate… i left clan, placed a thrall and he killed it by using the bug.
The log only show that this thrall died, not by what, not if someone looted it and so on … only the death is logged.
maybe this happened to you :frowning:
hope this bug will be fixed really soon … i also lost followers cause of people who are using this bug.
Greeetings :slight_smile:

Hi Conn1,

That is not what happened with me unfortunately. If it died than I would have known. I checked full log and found a log that it returned to base (often used it to go kill world bosses) but after that nothing. Just an empty log. It gives me the impression it just “vanished” :frowning:

Have you checked to see if it’s still listed on your followers tab? If it’s still there, does it place a marker on your map when you click the eye icon to activate “show on map”?

When it says in the log that it has returned to base, that doesn’t necessarily mean to your base, it just means to the last place it was set to “guard”, which might not have been at your base. I’ve had followers teleport on top of me, and had to manually move them off of me by using the “stand guard” option in the radial menu, went about my gameplay and later got disconnected from the server, and when I logged back in the follower was neither with me or at my base. It had returned to the last spot I used the “stand guard” command, which was nowhere near my base. I only later found it using the map marker.

edit: Nvm! just saw your ealier post, completely missed it when reading this thread.

Yes … this it what happens when a Player use this bug … nothing is shown in log… even if the player loot then some stuff from your pet / thrall … nothing is shown in log (as said, i tred this with a clanmate, he killed my thrall which i placed after leaveng the clan and crate an own one, he looted the corpse of my thrall --> nothing shown in log … just like the thrall just “vanished”)

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