Welcome message doesn't show up!


Hi there,

In my serversettings.ini i added the line:

ServerMessageOfTheDay=“Dear Exiles,
Welcome to our server to we are active community and would really love to see you on discord:

This way you won’t miss any events! Easy to find a other Exile!”

This message is not visisble for the people that joining the server? Is this a bug or?

Same here, what server provider do you use? Gportal?

Or is that your own server?

I use HostHavoc. So different hostingproviders

Well then we have to ask Funcom devs…

I made a similar post and did get a response from funcom they are aware of the issue. https://forums.funcom.com/t/message-of-the-day-isnt-showing-up/3500?u=papabear2009

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