We're a small Let's Play channel that was one of the first to feature MYZ: Road to Eden on YouTube, and now we're gonna run through Seed of Evil as well!

Hi folks!

Back when the game originally came out, we first played through the preview demo in November '18 and then the full game in December '18, being one of the first five channels on YouTube to feature content from Mutant Year Zero. Back then our channel only had around 450 subscribers and we got a ton of support from this community and from Funcom as well, so it’s been a really important game for our channel. We loved Road to Eden, and we’re super excited to jump straight back in with Seed of Evil!

Part 1 is here:

As a bonus this time around we’ve been given an extra Steam key for Seed of Evil by Funcom that we’re giving away!

Somewhere in the episode there’s an instruction for how to get it, so if you don’t have the expansion yet, you could go and get it for free if you’re the first one to solve our challenge!

Hope to see you stop by on our channel!