Were antelopes removed from game?

I finally decided to collect every trophy head, after years of considering it. But I’ve run all over the Desert biome and all I see are gazelles. I know antelopes were in game before. Their horns are kind of cork-screwed. But I haven’t seen one anywhere recently.

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When I was on the Exiled Lands, I regularly saw them on more like in the savannah, or “green desert” areas (such as the Oasis of Nekhmet). Did you check the 2 savannah areas too?

Checked the Western one (found a white rhino there thankfully), I’ll check the one with Swagger Rock, but at this point, I’ll be surprised to see one since all I’ve seen are gazelles everywhere else.

I stand corrected! Found some in that savannah afterall. :smiley:


They played hide and seek with you. They knew what was coming!


I’m pretty sure most of them have ascended into the heavens though.


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