We've got a new community team member, Dana! It's the perfect excuse for a new "Welcome, introduce yourself" post!

Welcome dana! And good luck :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Dark side of any game, the forums.

I’ll go back to the shadows now again and come out when I am needed :smiley:

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Welcome! It is always great to see a new soul join the team. I also read often and participate in other ways in the background. I really hope that you will enjoy your time here! Best of Luck going forward. :slight_smile:


Hello @Dana and welcome to the fighting grounds! Nah, actually it’s usually fairly chill around here, though we are a disparate bunch of geeks, such as:

Original Conan books/stories fans (elitist wannabe literati jerks)
Movie fans (low-brow grunts who probably can’t read)
Roleplayers (weirdos totally disconnected from reality)
Builders (people who won’t admit they’re too old for digital LEGO)
PvPers (twitchy dicks who live only to make life miserable for others)
Modders (gluttons for punishment, masochists the lot of them)
…and many more

of course...

I am a proud member of almost all the above groups


You actually walled off the coffee machine, didn’t you? Could this be reported as “blocking essential resources”? Sounds like it’s going to be full-on PvP in the Oslo office, every day, all day.

And welcome to the nuthouse, Dana. I’d warn you about… well, stuff, but I assume you already knew what you were signing up for. We won’t always make your job easy for you, but soon enough you’ll feel like a family member to us, just like the rest of the community team.

Me, I’m a smartass who tries to make the forums (and the world) a better place with understanding and patience. Yeah, I never was one to join the winning team.

You’ll also notice that I make noises on behalf of the Single-Player (for obviously selfish reasons) because the one deciding factor that got me into this game was the fact that I didn’t need to play it with other people. So I’ll champion for the right of Single-Players to keep enjoying the game like we want: Survive. Build. Decorate.


Welcone @Dana it’s awesome to have you here!

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From our mole at Funcom HQ:

Many interns died to bring us this information.


Perfectly accurate, but there’s a distinct lack of spikes around the palisades. They’re necessary to keep the marketing armies at bay during launch dates.


Welcome to the forums. @Dana


Welcome aboard, @Dana! Be sure to feed those office cats some Abysmal Kibbles so they can level-up big and stronk to defend against forum trolls! :wink:


welcome and try to have fun!!! the Guys and Girls is maybe the top communicative team and on spot team i have ever met in what they r doing! (40 y old kiddo here…)
so get ur grip together and get out there and rock on

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Hello and welcome @Dana !!!

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@Dana Hilsen og velkommen til nirvana. Et ord av råd, Dei galne har mange morosame stunder som den vettige ikkje har.

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You are delusional my friend.

So the community team has been reinforced! That is a good thing, especially in These “hard times” when negative threads Show up on Daily basis.

Welcome and Good Luck, Dana!


nope i speak clearly out of my personal experience to wherever the communitty team had to listen , answer and interfere with problems occured where i play!!!
the guys r a fantastic team that do what they can (and i mean it)!!! i will not say perfect , neither gods… , but i assure u they r a team of communicating to devs the correct things (not wondered how many things players wanted got in game -and how this was done?), i personally have never encountered a communitty team THAT active ( i have got replies in Saturday night … ) and showing interest in the projec tthey run like the communitty team in this game!! very hard work to be done and they rock on it!!! and i repeat maybe not perfect but ANYONE that has worked can see and understand the effort that is ongoing!!!

So , sorry u may had different experience than me , but i am way from delusional!!!

kepp up guys ! and @Dana help em keep rocking!


Good to hear and a warm welcome to Dana!


OFFTOPIC and sorry @Dana for Messing up with your welcome thread.

And the Gals not?

And you can keep on dreaming. I’ve been with this company and their Games for over 12 years. I refuse to Think back on how many Times we Asked them to fix their “released” games instead of releasing NEW content over and over again. Did they listen? Hell no…

I’ll go back to Age of Conan( Conan Exiles is AoC2…) ,they Have produced a gem of a game back then(a heaven for pvp players)…unfortunately they rushed it out and once you got out of the starting area(Tortage,around Level 20) there was unplayable with a lot of missing content…

Back to present now… Conan Exiles saved them as a company from going bankrupt…they have not listen to their community and lost over 75% of the people that bought the game…to the point where their game returned into mediocracy(or even worse) and they were forced to push out cheap reskins sold for a overvalued Price as DLC’s…each patch Broke more stuff then it fixed…Siptah release is no exception, because they Broke the Main game at the same time…

Feel free to Flag my Post and hide behind it…unfortunately this is the truth @Ragnaguard…and not the things u dream off…


Must be the only community team he has had any involvement with, my experience is the exact opposite. Not by feet but by miles this is the worst community team I have ever observed, deleting and suspending accounts for criticism of the game and the team for the way they handle issues, somtimes more than a week before they even bother to come on to read the forums even longer to respond or answer peoples questions, allow users to instantly hide others posts(like this one will be). That isn’t even the worst of it I could prove even worse actions but I would be banned for mentioning them.

This is bad enough for just a run of the mill forum but this is also were you are brought when you click on customer support as well which makes it far worse.
We can only hope that Funcom upper management has realized there is a huge problem and that is the reason for the new hire who is supposed to have vast experience.

We can only hope!




Oh dear people, I loved this game and remember how much fun we had, remember a demonologist in full spellweaving destroying the mass mobs in the higher tier dungeons. Maybe they released the game a bit early and yes it took some patience because of the bugs, on the other hand, the joy of the incredible gameplay, the effects and possibilities, for me and my friends was totally worth it.

I am happy that Ragnar brings in the ‘other sound’, the team is indeed doing their best and I hope they will continue doing so.