Bring Out Your Cats!

Wolfie and son

Please do share your feline friends.


Hah! There’s a cats tag? (looking suspiciously at @nevayo)

This is Crixus, aka Crickets:

And this is Spartacus, aka Sparta:

Sparta has always been a cuddle cat. He and his previous buddy, Pogo, could always be found in either one big pile of fur, or attached at the cheek. Crixus still has a bit too much Crazy Bengal Kitten Blood in him at the moment, so any time Sparta tries to cuddle, Crixus thinks that he wants to wrestle which ends up making Sparta go all defensive-offensive… and an all-out brawl then commences.So Sparta has taken to waiting until Crix is half asleep (or has at least been resting for a period of time), before sloooooowly creeping close until he can juuuuust rest his head against Crixus. He’ll take what he can get at this point! :laughing:

This is Sparta and Pogo (Pogo died last year after fighting kidney issues for a year and a half):


Our new kitten, Storm, with his 10 kitten size scimitars sheathed while sleeping.

Edit, sorry for the blury pic, my hands shake and my phone picks it up nicely.


@koros: Cats, coffee, Conan and Crixus, you sound like good people to me. Those are such beauties. Thanks for sharing them, even and especially the unforgotten. :cry::joy_cat: Pogo looks so sweet.

@Cattibria: I thought you used a fancy filter and was about to comment when I read your post. :slight_smile: We have talons on some of our pals here too.

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Again, Wolfie. She’s the reason why we have 8 of the beauties who share our personal human space (plus 3 at my Ma’s haus). Also, the apple of my eye and Conan companion.


Wolfie looks like a total clown!

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Wolf shows me her Feats and I gathers her Treats.

Happy Easter, everybody!


My naked felines - Ms. Lilith & Mr. Lucifer. They are an amazingly loving and sociable couple. Relationship goal: be like them.



Oh dear, I seem to have dropped these pictures of my cat. How clumsy of me.

Her name is Kitty because that’s what I called her while I came up with a “real” name but none of those fit her as well.


My gosh what an amazing bunch of catpanions.

What would Launch Day be without our dear friends?