We've got a new community team member, Dana! It's the perfect excuse for a new "Welcome, introduce yourself" post!

Greetings, Exiles!

Today’s an exciting day as we are welcoming a new face to our community team!

@Dana is joining us today to be our new Senior Community Support and will be working with us in the Oslo office. She will probably have to fight for the coffee supplies with me, but I laid claim to that POI long time ago. You’ll see her around the forums from now on, as she’ll be part of our community team alongside @Spynosaur_Nicole, @AndyB, @Hugo and me.

She has a vast past working experience and she’ll be a great part of our team. I could write a small introduction about her, but we thought this could be the perfect occasion to start a new “Welcome, introduce yourself” post, starting with @Dana. Because there’s nothing more embarrassing in a group project than having to introduce yourself first to the team!

But please, do also tell us about you. Our community has grown and welcomed many new faces that didn’t have a proper chance to introduce themselves, or have experienced significant and relevant changes since our last introduce yourself post. So let us know down below a little more about you!


Hello everyone!

I’m super exited to join the team and I’m probably gonna reach out for that coffee machine when you are not looking @Ignasis insert evil laugh here

I will share my experience with the team and I know we will be able to do great things moving forward as knowledge attracts knowledge.
Besides work I enjoy spending time playing any kind of games (video games, board games) and also spending time with my cats.
Maybe we can make my cats mini helpers as they are always around the keyboard, especially since this year I was able to work remotely more.

Hope I can get to know everyone better as time passes and please be patient with me as I try to adjust to this new role.

Let the adventure begin! :blush:


Welcome, Dana. You will need a lot of that cat therapy going forward.




Welcome, Dana! And good luck here. You might need more/bigger cats :wink:

Okay, so it’s not all bad. There’s some nice folks around, too :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello, Dana, and welcome! Here’s a jump start on your cat therapy.

This is my little friend, Inigo. He’s about 2-3 years old. He adopted me in December last year.

I mostly just lurk around and read the forums quietly, taking in other people’s opinions and experiences with Conan Exiles. Usually if I break the silence it’s to submit bug a report or chime in to offer support for feature suggestions.

Both of us wish you good luck! Here’s hoping you have many more positive experiences than negative ones.


Hello and welcome!


Welcome Dana :slight_smile: If you’ve got experience herding cats, I’m sure that will come in handy here :wink:


I didn’t realize you’re such a kindred soul

also welcome Dana

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Welcome Dana :heart:


Welcome :^)!




Welcome to the jungle Dana!!


Welcome @Dana, good luck and have a great time. :v:t4:

He said to the others around the campfire: See all the fabulous creatures here, the uncouth and the nice.
this is the forum …

-book of the forum


Greetings Dana and welcome aboard! Sure we can be a demanding bunch at times and I am sure that we will try the limits of your patience and sanity from time to time. And we bicker amongst ouselves at times. But I like to think that this stems from us caring for and being passionate about Conan Exiles, and overall we have great community here. I hope you enjoy being a part of it as much as we do.

PS- there is always room for another cat lover! :cat2:


Absolutely! Well said, sir. Holding something close to your heart can amplify all of your feelings, including frustration and disappointment.

People may not always like each other, may not always agree with another’s opinion, and may not always correctly interpret another’s words or intent – but at the end of the day each person who posted here chose to invest their time and energy into trying to help the game through feedback or their fellow players with advice.

And that makes you all awesome in my book. Even anyone I might butt heads with.

… Well, except for the angry entitled ones that register just to flame, rant and hurl insults. They probably need more cats in their lives.

“I think such creatures are an attempt by the universe to make sure that we never take ourselves too seriously.” -Delenn, from the 90’s TV show Babylon 5


Welcome Dana :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Darkside remember we have cookies :wink:


Welcome Dana!


Hello Dana. Nice to meet you.