What after 1 year on RK2019?

What’s going to happen? Delete, merge, stay as it is seperate from RK5?

they allready said. “no xfer of chars to old server” so no merge. if its successfull they are open to keep it… however. i hear people complain about main server being dead now so…we’ll see what they do about that.

Maybe we will end up with two dead servers…

They said that if the community is healthy enough, they will keep it running.
So there is that…

They need to work out with that friggin annoin lag at zoning, pricing at shop booths needs big overhaul at new server also. Items too friggin expensive…

Personaly i hope they wont merge, but we need those expansions… Atleast SL.

I’m not spending the next year on a character they will delete.

I get it, they have no support staff.

But bringing people back to the game only to forcibly send them away at the end is ridiculous even for Funcom.

Everything gets deleted ,atleast thats what they said,2019 IS progressions server which not carry to anywhere or something like that.

If that is not the case anymore ,then Funcom should tell that to their live players,that 2019 is new live.

Whatever everyone wants. Expect the opposite.

If the server closes, what happens to my character?

If the server does end, characters do not carry over from RK2019 to the original server.

The problem is Funcom is notorious for changing their minds without giving its users much notice.

Everything is kind of up in the air and unconfirmed when they end the post with “We are willing to listen to player feedback and change this”

I doubt they will ever merge though. Most likely keep server up. Or just shut them all down if both servers are dead. (They very well might be.)

It’s a really difficult decision to make at this point in time.

Realistically looking forward a year - how many people will still be playing? half, or ten times less than currently?

There are also infinite variables on what they could do after a year. Give players rewards for returning to the old server? Create a new server starting from SL? Keep this server running?

All I know is that there is no point having 2 servers which both have all expansions, and level 220, as it would just be the same on each server.

Personally, I would be happy if they kept the RK2019 server up, but with a final cap on expansions and level - for example, only SL/AI expansions and a max level of 175/200. It would mean endgame content will always remain a challenge, and there will still be a unique reason to play on the server (more of a challenge).

Another possible solution is they make an RK2020 server but with different rules. Say for example they kept RK2019 open as a froob only server, RK2020 could be the SL only server. Not saying I want RK2019 to stay froob though, this was just an example.

Pricing of items in shops is fine.

Made a char on 2019 2 days ago and the server is near-dead. Noone responding to any chat, maps are empty. Even ICC is almost completely deserted. So not even worth the time trying to get past the annoying and bugged beginnerszone.

ask to join a recruiting organazation?

To be fair, the 215 level cap has almost been out for a month. People always drop off when a level cap has been around for a while, it should jump up again for the 220 level cap (December 2nd)